A significant day for Dharma Drum Buddhist College - Venerable Master Sheng Yen at every turn

On 8 April 2008, Venerable Master Sheng Yen attended three major events significant to the Dharma Drum Buddhist College (DDBC).

The first was DDBC's first anniversary celebration which was held at Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan Township, Taipei County.

The second was the Signing Ceremony of alliance between DDBC and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). This signified the start of an exciting joint venture between the two institutions to cooperate in exchanging experience and expertise in the field of education.

Venerable Master Sheng Yen expressed DDBC's aim to cultivate future spiritual leaders by offering them avenues to gain appropriate qualifications, nurture and uplift each individual's character, and to broaden their humanistic compassion. Venerable Master Sheng Yen noted that the establishment of DDBC was possible through long term planning and selfless efforts by many. It is pleasing that the quality of DDBC's academic environment has been noted and appreciated by many.

The President of DDBC, Venerable Hui Min announced that following the Signing Ceremony, the curriculums and programs hosted by the two institutions will now be open for students from both institutions.

The President of NTUST, Dr. Shui-Shuenn Chen, thanked Venerable Master Sheng Yen for his attendance and expressed his appreciation for the Master's blessing of this partnership. He stressed that future exchanges between DDBC and NTUST would be developed in line with Buddhist compassion for social good.

The final event of the day was held at DDBC's International Conference Room and saw Venerable Master Sheng Yen presiding at a ceremony for conservation of priceless Tibetan historical documents. Many honored guests were present at the celebration, such as Abbot President of DDM, Venerable Guo Dong, President of DDM's General Association of Dharma Upholders, and Mr. Jia-Nan Chen.

The Tibetan documents have been recorded on to 57,000 microfilms which were originally conserved by Professor Shunzo Onoda of Bukkyo University in Japan. They are now being carefully stored at DDBC's Library and Information Center. To honor Professor Shunzo Onoda's great compassion, Lahmas studying in DDM's Sino-Tibetan Program and DDM's academics were present at the ceremony to give their sincere gratitude and blessings.

This marks an important milestone for DDBC as it becomes an academic research hub for the study of Tibetan language, history and medicine.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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