The Buddha Scriptures through Animated Images

---Dharma Drum Mountain warmly welcomes you to learn the wisdom of Buddha and to enjoy the Dharma joy during the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Following the inauguration of the world's biggest Lotus Bell at Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education, in Jinshan Township, DDM/Fagushan is hosting the special Buddhist Arts Exhibition. An important feature in this Exhibition is the animated images of Buddhist statues expounding the Buddhist Scriptures.

This special Exhibition will run till the 2nd September 2007 at the Auxiliary Hall of DDM World Center for Buddhist Education. The Exhibition is opened from 9:00am to 5:00pm everyday.

The Exhibition conveys the blessings and wisdom of the Dharma, Buddha, and Bodhisattva to people who appreciate Buddhist arts. It is made up of five basic units/elements: the Lotus Bell with its inscribed Scripture, the Artistry of Buddhist Statues, Buddhist Scriptures and Chinese Calligraphy, Animated Transformation of Buddhist Scripture and Pictures, and Digitalization and Interaction.

In appreciation of the effort toward the inauguration of the Lotus Bell and to celebrate for the arrival of Chinese Lunar New Year, more than twenty artists had created many animated Buddha images so that visitors could feel the Dharma joy, sense the tranquility and exquisiteness and to learn the wisdom of Buddha.

With reference to key Buddhist statues and scriptures, the Exhibition utilizes visual Images in an animated and interactive mode to gradually lead people into the Buddhist heritage, enabling them to fully sense the magic of the "dialogue".

DDM warmly welcomes everyone to this extraordinary and blissful Exhibition and to share the joy of the Dharma at this most auspicious place.

(Reported & photos taken by Jin Yang/edited by Chiew Shin-Yee)

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