The Fifth Dispatch of Medical Relief for DDM in Sri Lanka

On 29 November 2006, Dharma Drum Mountain's medical relief team headed for the fifth time to Sri Lanka to unfold its twelve-day medical service at tsunami affected areas.

This time up to 3,000 victims will receive DDM's medical relief: 1200 people living in the Taiwan Village and its vicinity, and 1800 living in poverty areas of Weligama.

Led by Dr. Wenzhong Pan, DDM's medical relief team is warmly welcomed and earns a heartfelt appreciation from the local people every time.

In addition to providing a screening test for chronicle disease, such as diabetic and hypertension, the team will educate people by passing them the knowledge of personal hygiene, for example the applications of toothbrushes and nail clippers.

According to past experiences, the appearance of post-traumatic stress disorder symptom is not only apparent from the time when the disaster occurs but also from the mounting pressure in the face of long-term reconstructions and of in-depth senses of helplessness and desperation.

Thus, for the purpose of helping local victims to assuage their stressful mind and body, the medical relief team also embraces psychologists, nurses and psychiatrists for psychological relief and evaluation.

In order to elevate the awareness of public hygiene in the local communities, the medical relief team will also put the project of public hygiene education into force. This will greatly cut down the sources of disease and reduce the chances of contagion.

In February 2005, DDM began to send out volunteers to provide local people living in tsunami affected areas with long-term and front-line humanitarian assistances at the DDM Peace of Mind Relief Station in Sri Lanka. Volunteers uphold the beliefs of DDM: to always treat the work of mind relief as the main priority in accordance with the vision of "uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth."

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by Jessica Chow)

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