Construction Disaster - DDM assists victims families

Five Construction workers, including one Thai and a Ghanaian national, died in a construction disaster in Linkou, Taipei County, on 17 December 2006.

The Emergency Relief Network of Dharma Drum Social Welfare and Charity Foundation was immediately sent to the area as soon as the Secretary General of the Foundation, Guokei Chen, received the call from DDM's followers in Linkou.

Led by the secretary general, members of the DDM Network in Linkou, including Yuan Chou, Lizi Chen, Linliang Li, Meilin Huang, Linxiu Lu, went to Chang Kung Memorial Hospital to assist and comfort the victims' families.

The accident occurred around 4pm at the "Farglory Future City" construction site, owned by the Farglory Land Development Company.

According to the police investigation, site workers were putting in place some slabs on the first floor, using mortar and plaster. As they did this, they discovered plaster was leaking from pillars in the basement. Several workers went to the basement to check the problem when the floor collapsed, burying the five workers.

Police identified the deceased to be Chifu Yeh, 63, his son Choulung Yeh, 29, Chienhsien Lu, 40, Thai national Serngtrin Sae Chou, 30, and Ghanaisan Boadan Francis.

The victim's families found Master Sheng Yen's idea of protecting the Spiritual Environment helpful in coping with their grief. All the families expressed their gratitude to DDM for its assistance and support.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by Michael Conners)

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