DDM promotes low-carbon living for environmental protection

In order to raise awareness and familiarity with living a "green" life, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Foundation held a special event at Taipei’s Dharma Drum Degui College on 27 March, 2010.

The event showcased various inspirational and enjoyable activities such as a lecture on environmentalism, interactive games, an introduction to organic food and energy-conserving lamps, as well as an organic cloth exhibition.

Local non-governmental organizations such as the Homemaker’s Union and Foundation, Delta Electronic Foundation and the Plant Protection Foundation of Science and Technology also joined the event to echo DDM’s efforts in promoting the many methods of living a low-carbon life.

Most importantly, through specially designed interactive games, DDM was able to plant a seed of environmentalism into the hearts of the children who attended the event. DDM hopes that every child can be a vanguard in living and promoting a “green” life in the future.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia)

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