Many Thanks from Linbian Village

On August 8th, Typhoon Morakot swept through southern Taiwan, destroyed houses and tore up roads in its path, rendering scores of people homeless and killing hundreds. Relief supplies and humanitarian assistance poured into affected areas in the wake of the killer typhoon.

In response to the disaster, Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) set up relief stations to give rehabilitation support to residents of the affected regions.

Ms. Hu Wen Ling from Linbian Township of Pingtung, one of the hardest-hit areas in southern Taiwan, was among the many whom received help from DDMSWCF as DDM disaster relief team helped with the restoration of her uncle’s house that was still submerged in water four days after the typhoon made landfall.

Her uncle was temporarily staying with another relative while the house pet, Little Black, remained to guard the house. He stood watch by the door as the team of DDM monastics and volunteers helped clean the house.

Ms. Hu expressed her utmost gratitude to DDM for their help couldn’t have come at a better time and now Little Black can soon reunite with his master. In addition to helping local residents to restore their homes, DDMSWCF also collaborated with the Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital and formed a medical team to offer medical service to communities in disaster-affected areas where roads leading out have collapsed due to the heavy flooding unleashed by the typhoon, answering calls of numerous disaster survivors in getting their medical needs met.

Chief of Tianquo Village, Lianbian Township expressed his gratitude to DDM for its heartwarming gesture in giving rehabilitation support and also in providing medical care in this time of need. Villagers were both thankful and in awe upon seeing DDM’s monastics and volunteers selflessly giving of themselves to help them restore their homes.

Encouraged, they feel hopeful again about their future. Of the many things Typhoon Morakot may have broken, it has certainly not broken people’s spirit. Although Typhoon Morakot wreaked devastation on the island, it also brought out the best in people as they reached out to help one another in the spirit of compassion.

Mr. Kuo Xie Li, owner of a motor scooter retail shop right across from the DDM command center in Linbian County was grateful to DDM monastics and volunteers who spent an entire morning to help him clean up his shop, which would have taken days if it weren’t for their assistance.

Mr. Kuo couldn’t bother to clean his own house, which was still submerged in debris. If anything, he was only concerned that because the water had receded, people would need to use their vehicles for transporting goods, therefore making the need to reopen his shop even more pressing so as to help quicken the pace of restoration efforts.

Mr. Kuo expressed that DDM’s timely assistance made a tremendous difference in the villagers’ lives. He also shared that he was deeply moved when DDM monastics and volunteers declined his offer of cash and food as his token of appreciation, which was quite an unforgettable experience for him in the midst of this disaster.

(translated by Lisa Tu)


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