Peace of Mind

In a world where stress, strain and rush abound, peace of mind is of paramount significance. It is a treasure that everyone desires, but only few know how to get it and even fewer do something to get it.

With all the advancement of science, no remedy has yet been found for lank of inner peace. Often when being in good financial condition and in good health, people have no peace of mind, which proves that peace of mind does not count on eternal conditions or on scientific progress. The solution has to come from within actually, not through eternal means.

However, one needs to know that peace of mind is not to be found only on solitary surroundings. It is actually attainable here and now, wherever you are, irrespective of your eternal circumstances, because peace of mind is an inner state, and is independent of circumstances and eternal conditions.

Peace of mind manifests when the incessant inner chatter of the mind slows down. It is a state of inner calmness, tranquility and serenity, which brings forth happiness, tolerance, inner balance and self-control.

So, how to get it? What one should do? Techniques listed as below that I often practice to relax the muscle and the mind for inner calmness, and I much like to share with you.

Breathing Counting
1. Sit up straight or lie down.
2. Take normal, deep breaths.
3. Close the eyes and relax the mind.
4. Feel stomach rise and fall with the breathing.
5. Focus on the breathing, block out all other thoughts.
6. Repeat as many as you want.

Muscle Relaxation
1. Go exercise outdoor.
2. Wiggle the face, raise and lower the eyebrows; puff out the cheeks; relax the jaw.
3. Gently massage the ear: pull down gently on the ear lobes and massage them.

They are easy and convenient, but require patience and perseverance to develop. If you have motivation, patience and perseverance, you are sure to attain at least some degree of inner peace and truly bring peace of mind into your life.

Warmly wish your life always be at peace, harmony and full of abundance.

(by Jin Yang)

Welcome you join the International Meditation Group (IMG) for “Peace of Mind”, which is regularly held on the morning of Saturday at Taipei's Zhongshan Practice Center of Dharma Drum Mountain.

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