On International Children’s Book Day:
DDM Donated Desks for the Use at Home by the Schoolchildren at Pingxi

“A kind donation of desks from DDM; an enhancement of learning for the students at Pingxi Elementary School in New Taipei City”

Designed to be a blessed and happy surprise for the schoolchildren, the donation ceremony of these desks was arranged to occur before the Children’s Day, at 10:00AM April 2 at the Yangshan Pavilion in Pingxi Elementary School. The students were overjoyed when they saw the bookshelves and the desk lamps with built-in devices to protect their eyes. Coinciding with the International Children’s Book Day, these donations will remain forever in these children’s hearts.

Principle Zheng , Yirao (鄭益堯)discussed what generated this donation. It all started when Venerable Guo Qi (果器法師), the Secretary-General of Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation and Ms. Ke, Yaobi (柯瑤碧), the Vice President, accompanied by volunteers, came to present scholarships and financial aid to students who performed well. They were saddened to learn that the students of the Pingxi school district usually had to bend over coffee tables to read and write homework as their homes are generally not equipped with desks.

Lin, Yutong (林雨潼) a 2nd grade model student, represented the students to accept the donation. She spoke with joy that she now has a desk to place her school bag, textbooks, writing materials and her favorite story books. She has a corner to write her homework, do her paintings and play tabletop games with her little brother. She is very happy and feels blessed to have this desk which she will cherish and put to good use.

Que, Xiuwen(闕秀紋), a 3rd grader, said that since neither she nor her brother had a desk or a chair for study purpose at home, they had to bend over to do their homework causing a lot of back pain. They are very thankful to the nice people who delivered the desks for them to do their homework. They will make good use of them.

The Principal said that the wings of reading will carry the students’ learning and creation afar, linking them with the world and making their remarkable dreams come true. He believed that these students are deeply grateful for this generous donation and will give back to society in the future, eventually benefiting more students to learn.

DDM delivered the donated desks, chairs and books to the students’ homes, relaying the love and care from the public to the children at Pingxi. Representing DDM and Dharmic Affinity Society (法緣會), Ke,Yaobi expressed how deeply touched they were, knowing that the Principal and teachers have unselfishly dedicated themselves to make home visits and promote reading in remote districts. Since it coincided with the International Children’s Book Day, volunteers also brought well wishes to the students on Children’s Day. They sincerely wish that reading will lead the students to change their worlds and fulfill their dreams.

Venerable Guo Qi and about 20 volunteers joined the students at their talent shows, bringing laughter and pleasant moments to the ceremony. On behalf of the alumni, Zhang Siliang(張四良), former Director-general of the National Police Agency, expressed thanks for DDM’s kindness and support for his junior fellow students at Pingxi. Such charitable contributions fill the whole society with love and joy and offer his junior fellow students to study with peace and joy.

Texts & photo: Zhang Yao-Chung (張曜鐘)
Translation: Dave & Luh Nelson (邢璐)
Editing: DDM Editorial Team

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DDM Donated Desks for the Use at Home by the Schoolchildren at Pingxi