DDM SWCF donated the “Happy Bus” to provide safe transportation for the community of Nan-Ao Township

The Social Welfare and Charity Foundation of Dharma Drum Mountain (法鼓山慈善基金會), DDM SWCF, supported by the love from society, donated a Community Shuttle Bus to provide free transportation for the blessed aboriginal tribes of Nan-ao Village. The ceremony to donate this bus was held in front of the Ataya Culture Center (泰雅文化館) at 9:00 a.m. on July 2nd. Tribal seniors, the head of each village and the principals of several schools, accompanied by around 100 villagers, participated in the ceremony. Together, they dedicated passionate dances and warm blessings, in celebration of this event.

Qiuhua Xue(薛秋花), the head of Nan-ao (南澳) Township, indicated that the shuttle bus, which supports the aboriginal tribes, serves a very heavy duty: transporting students to classes, seniors to see their doctors and villagers to work. The existing community shuttle bus, having long exceeded its useful service life, required frequent repair, leading to concerns about the safety of the driver and the passengers. Qiuhua Xue expressed appreciation for DDM’s donation, which would allow the villagers to feel confident when riding on the bus. She sincerely urged her fellow villagers to join her in cultivating the virtue of generosity and to give back to the community, so that these blessings would spread endlessly life after life.

Yaobi Ke (柯碧瑤), Vice President of DDM SWCF, expressed how Nan-ao Township is surrounded by lovely mountains, clear waters and wonderful scenery. Due to geological limitations, however, villagers rely heavily on public transportation for local travel. Taking into account the students’ and seniors’ needs, along with the climate and the geological conditions of the area, DDM ensured that the donated bus would be sufficiently strengthened to meet all safety and convenience concerns. Yaobi Ke expressed the sincere desire for all to feel safe and peaceful when riding on the bus. The “Happy Bus,” fully loaded with blessings, will also play a key role in stimulating tourism in this area.

After the donation ceremony, Guo Qi Fashi (果器法師), Secretary General of DDM SWCF; Yaobi Ke, Vice President; Gaochang Chen (陳高昌), Director General; and DDM volunteers, were invited by the chief of the township to visit a Photography Exhibit held by a group of local artists. They took this opportunity to engage in conversations with the local seniors. Afterwards GuoQi Fashi led this group on the inaugural ride of the shuttle bus and circled around Nan-ao to experience a touch of everyday life in a tribal community.

Nan-ao, populated with few people under 45 years old, is situated at the southernmost part of Yilan. Its residents are mostly Ataya who believe in Christianity. To show respect to this tribe’s religious beliefs and its culture and to pass on the love and caring from society, the DDM SWCF painted on the side of the bus a simple totem and the saying “A Mind at Peace, a Life at Peace” to provide daily encouragement. May each community and tribe be blessed with peace and joy as the shuttle bus tours the community.

Texts & Photos: Yao-Chung, Chang (張曜鐘)
Translation: Luh Nelson (邢璐)
Editing: DDM Editorial Team, Christine Huang (Canada)

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