New Abbot President appointed:
Ven. Guo Huei to continue Master Sheng Yen’s teaching and aspiration

The eighth Dharma Drum Mountain Global Sangha Assembly took place at Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education on June 26, with over 300 monastics at home and from aboard in attendance. The assembly passed the resolution to appoint Ven. Guo Huei (果暉法師) as DDM’s sixth abbot-president.

The appointment ceremony will be held at the main Buddha hall of DDM complex in Jinshan, on September 2, 2018. By inheriting Master Sheng Yen’s teaching and aspiration, the venerable expected to continually carry out DDM’s endeavors to promote Buddhist teachings.

The major task of DDM Global Sangha Assembly, which takes place every three years, is to appoint the new abbot president of DDM. After Master Sheng Yen resigned as the first abbot president of DDM in September 2006, Ven. Guo Dong (果東法師) then immediately took up the appointment as the second Abbot President. Later, he was re-elected three times by the 5th, 6th, and 7th Sangha Assembly, serving a total of 12 years. As his term of office is due this year, the newly elected sixth abbot president Ven. Guo Hui, will succeed the position and take office in September.

A PhD from Rissho University in Japan, Ven. Guo Huei ordained under Master Sheng Yen in 1985, and was chosen as one of his Dharma heirs in 2005. He has served as director-in-chief of DDM Sangha, president of Dharma Drum Sangha University, and is currently vice abbot president of DDM and director of the Department of Buddhist Studies at Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts.

As the current abbot president pointed out in his remarks, “The position of Abbot President represents a commitment to contribution and service, a mission entrusted by our founder and sangha.” He praised Ven. Guo Huei for his seniority in ordination, learned scholarship, and rich experiences, and lauded him for being able to uphold DDM’s four convictions, continue Master Sheng Yen’s compassionate vows, give and serve with great passion, and manifest a great compassionate mind. He also complimented the venerable on his diligent, solid practice, his modest composure, concentrated devotion to work, as well as his earnestly following the group routine, all of which has earned him the respect and reverence from the DDM Sangha.

“As Master Sheng Yen once said, ‘It is required of Abbot-President to have a great compassionate vow. To take up the position is not to take over the authority, but about making a promise to take up duty and responsibility,” said Ven. Guo Huei in his acknowledgement speech after the Assembly’s decision. He also shared that the aspect of Master Sheng Yen’s teaching that had influenced him the most was to generate the Bodhi Mind. “I’ve always kept this in mind, and strived to practice accordingly.” Having benefited from the Dharma through the Master’s teachings, the venerable aspired to repay the kindness of the Three Jewels and all sentient beings.

Venerable Guo Huei

Ordained under Master Sheng Yen in 1985.

PhD from Rissho University in Japan

One of the 12 Dharma heirs of Master Sheng Yen

Former director-in-chief of Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha

Former president of Dharma Drum Sangha University

Incumbent Vice Abbot-President of Dharma Drum Mountain.

Incumbent Director of the Department of Buddhist Studies at Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal and Arts

Ven. Guo Huei expressed that DDM’s monastics should put in more effort in their Chan practice to live up to Master Sheng Yen’s endeavor to advocate Dharma Drum Lineage of Chan Buddhism. “We are a team sailing the same boat. Together we are forging ahead in harmony, helping the public advance in their Buddhist practice and thereby benefiting from the Dharma.” He urged everyone to work together, jointly bringing out a positive influence on Taiwan’s Buddhist circles, Chinese communities throughout the globe, and the whole world as well.

Texts: DDM Monastics
Translation: Elenda Huang (頤嵐達)
Editing: Chia-Cheng, Chang (張家誠)

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Ven. Guo Huei to continue Master Sheng Yen’s teaching and aspiration