Life is such an amazing and colorful game of reflections

Life is such an amazing and colorful game of reflections. Wherever we are, we carry out the experiences from within ourselves, painting everything with various colors. Do you notice that the mind, even in its most beautiful, magical places, can bring an unpleasant sense of complaints, past grievances and sufferings?

We are so busy with external (non-spiritual) victories that sometimes we completely forget to "bring order" to our minds and hearts. Sadness, claims and depressions simply move from tiny rooms to spacious apartments or even estates.

But the essence of this doesn’t change and, although the picture has become brighter, to see the beauty, goodness and silence of the present moment is still not so easy.

You know, what they say, you cannot escape from yourself. And I believe everyone’s been there once and saw this truth for themselves. But there is also good news, because this point of no return gives a clear vision that we are the only ones responsible and it is pointless to blame relatives, friends or even the president, because they only reflect and reveal our personal neuroses, fears and tensions.

Our world is a reflection of our internal state, and if within you there is a subtle connection with peace and quiet - there is no chance for it not to die out instantly from an inexplicable feeling of gratitude and love for the miracle of being alive. As Guo Xing Fashi once said, "There is no world in which we believe; there is a world of our experience.”

Thank you for your wisdom!

Written by: Anna Solouhina
Editing: Christine Huang

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