A Discovery Journey of
HsinXing Monastery

Hsinhsing Monastery, one of DDM’s branching monasteries, derived its name from the Dharma, signifying “faith, aspiration, and deportment”. Located at the serene Beinan Village in TaiTung, the tranquility of this monastery brings a sense of calmness that peels away the weariness of a hectic lifestyle to those who visit.

Visitors can take a stroll between the pine, banyan and camphor trees, enjoying the gentle breeze and warm sun through swaying leaves. The corridors outside the Main Hall provide an unimpeded view of the misty peak of Dulan Mountain, the holy mountain of the Beinan tribe, with Beinan fields in the foreground.

Various activities such as Buddhist prayers and rituals are conducted in the Main Hall; these activities strengthen the body and mind, generates warmth and compassion, as well as dispel loneliness.

Secluded at a corner of the monastery is a vegetable patch that is tended by the monastics; various types of vegetable such as spinach and eggplant are grown using eco-friendly techniques, providing healthy food to the monastics.

According to Venerable Master Sheng-Yen, founder of DDM, “TaiTung is a simple and pure region, with trustworthy and kind inhabitants. Coupled with the Dharma, this exceptional place would be a pure land on Earth.” DDM encourages the public to visit Hsinhsing Monastery to experience the relaxation of body and mind, as well as the tranquility from within and without; and henceforth, stride into the future with a calm and relaxed disposition.

Production: DDM Publicity Department, Media Relations
Translation: Chang, Cheng-Yu (張振郁)
Editors: Leefah Thong (Malaysia), DDM Editorial Team

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