Transmitting the Light of Dharma -
Passing on Master Sheng Yen's grace with a sense of responsibility

Everlasting remembrance of Master Sheng Yen's grace and a recollection of the Master's silhouette

A Dharma Drum “Transmitting the Light of Dharma Assembly” was held on the 9th day of the lunar calendar. DDM monastic and lay followers at the DDM World Center and DDM branch monasteries around the world gathered to show their gratitude towards Master Sheng Yen's teachings and beneficence.

Abbott President, Venerable Guo Dong, commented that next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Master's passing. He urged all followers to complete practical actions to convey and repay their debt of gratitude towards Master Sheng Yen and by doing so, uplifting themselves and stabilizing our society.

February 24 at 7 p.m. marked the synchronized commencement of the Transmitting the Light of Dharma Assembly throughout Taiwan for nearly six thousand participants. Abbott President, Venerable Guo Dong, quoted Master Sheng Yen's words to emphasize our "responsibilities", not just towards our own growth and dedicated care for others and the environment, but in inseparable connection with the Buddha-mind, Bodhisattva-mind and the mindset of sentient beings. He appealed to all followers to do a physical and mental self-check to reflect whether we are truly at peace or simply resting at current levels of comfort and career achievements. Are we able to learn and breakthrough in tough times like a Bodhisattva, striving upstream to become one, attaining peace through the practice of the Path, and aiding others to open up their hearts and minds?

The Abbott President advised that on the 10th anniversary of Master's Sheng Yen's passing in 2019, DDM will organize a series of "These Are Our Aspirations" activities to encourage everyone to initiate vows and endeavors to benefit sentient beings. The Abbott President urged all DDM followers to keep on improving themselves with even more dedication towards our society, further lifting up humanity.

The Abbott President quoted the blissful wish of Master Sheng Yen for this humanistic world to pray not for our own happiness, but for sentient beings to cease suffering. In this message he reminded followers to take on the Master's aspirations, converting our gratitude into concrete acts of kindness and relaying the torch of aspirations indefinitely.

Although Master Sheng Yen's physical being is no longer with us, the numbers of people coming to DDM for the annual “Transmitting the Light of Dharma Assembly” is increasing every year.

Through a recommendation of a friend, Gao Lingling of Beijing made DDM one of her specific destinations on her first trip to Taiwan. She felt that Master Sheng Yen's teachings are very practical in life. After one full day of learning, experiencing DDM's incense-free rituals, sharing a smile on the web with the self-portrait equipment and eco-friendly wishing post, it was evident that all these modern means of spreading the Dharma are highly relevant to the younger generation. DDM is like a university that once experienced, one would like to stay and keep on learning.

Since watching the documentary film "Master Sheng Yen’s Profile" on the internet and being deeply touched by his vow of great compassion, Wu Wenjia has become a regular visitor at DDM. Coming from Hong Kong for the annual ceremony, she shared her thoughts that DDM is always her first stop on every visit, because there is a comforting feeling of coming home. Even though they never met, by reading the entire set of "The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen", by participating in DDM's Chan practices and Great Compassion Water & Land Liberation Rite and using lessons from on the web, she has an affinity with the Master's life.

By participating in the ceremony and New Year's Eve Lotus Bell Ringing ceremony throughout the years, Lin Jian Bilian from Wanli stated that Master Sheng Yen's numerous pioneering actions on spiritual environmental protection through the application of the Dharma have contributed significantly in the growth of Taiwan and its society. She stated that her husband chose to follow in the Master's footsteps and selected the Eco-friendly Memorial Garden as his final resting place after death and her sons and daughters are also participants in upholding the Dharma with DDM, aspiring to pass it on from generation to generation. Her colleague, Lian Luodan said that after seeing her in better spirits and physical health after practicing Buddhism, she accepted her invitation to join in the Transmitting the Light of Dharma Assembly.

In addition to the more than 10 branch monasteries of DDM in Taiwan synchronizing the Transmitting the Light of Dharma Assembly, overseas Dharma Centers in the USA, Canada, Malaysia and Hong Kong also organized different activities such as Dharma assemblies and Chan practices, gathering their followers to refresh on the Master's life-long teachings of "Protection of the Spiritual Environment".

These transmission activities assist participants to aspire to become Dharma vessels carrying forth the true Dharma, to receive and relay the spiritual light of Buddhadharma and ensure this eternal light of Buddhism passes on and on.

"Keep on relaying the Eternal Light, persevere in the great compassion ways of the Buddha - adhere to the Master's strict teachings, hear the Dharma Drum in the winds"

Texts: Chang, Yao-Chong (張曜鐘)
Translation: Chang, Cheng-yu (張振郁)
Editor: DDM Australian Editing Team

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Passing on Master Sheng Yen's grace with a sense of responsibility