Walk into Spring at Dharma Drum Mountain

During the Chinese Lunar New year holidays, it is a traditional custom that people pay respects to Buddha and attend Buddhist prayer rituals in Buddhist temples with their whole family, praying for the blessing from Buddhas and hoping for peace and success in the coming new year.

Since the Lunar New Year’s Eve, DDM and its branches around the world organize prayers rituals every year for practitioners to diligently practice, such as, Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance, Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony, the Guanyin Ritual, and the Medicine Buddha Ritual etc. Ritual, one of DDM's important practice events, which includes prostration, mantra and sutra chanting etc., aims to help practitioners repent their sins and karmadic obstacles, purify their mind, and aspire to Bodhi mind like Buddha, with faith, sincerity, transfer of merit, and vows in their mind.

Chinese welcome a new year with “Drive out the old and bring in the new.” They not only clean their house from top to toe but also, most importantly, clean their mind. To Buddhists, the best way to purify their mind is to repent. Master Sheng Yen once said in a New Year Spring Prayer Ritual “When Buddhists do repentance during the New Year holidays, they admit responsibility for all the harmful things they did to themselves and others in the previous year as well as karmadic obstacles from endless previous lives, and then make the vow to aspire to Bodhi mind, learning to be a Bodhisattva.” Therefore, DDM encourages people to embrace a new year with a practice event like praying ritual.

In addition to praying rituals, DDM also arranges active Spring Festival activities such as exhibitions and Chan Joy experiential activities for visitors to delightfully welcome the coming Lunar New Year. We sincerely welcome you to come with your whole family and enjoy the rich atmosphere of Lunar New Year in DDM.

For more informaiton about visiting World Center of Dharma Drum Mountain, JinShan, New Taipei City, kindly view Visiting Registration

Texts: Patricia Yang (楊淑婷)
Translation: Hsiao, Chen-am (蕭宸安)
Editors: DDM Australian Editorial Deam

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