Chan in 2017 Summer Universiade: Introducing the skill of calm to the Athletes Village

The two-week long 2017 Summer Universiade was officially kicked off in Taipei with an impressive opening ceremony.

On August 12, Dharma Drum Mountain had already stationed in the Buddhist hall of the religious center at the Athletes Village in Linkou District, introducing the spirit of Chan to help athletes calm and relax their mind, and praying for success for the game.

Athletes and staffs from across the world were welcomed to visit the hall to worship the Buddha, light up a candle, sit in meditation, experience Chan in tea ceremony, and draw a spiritual prescription slip written with Master Sheng Yen’s words of wisdom.

Huang Yanci, a volunteer at the center, shared that she was deeply touched by the heartfelt interactions with the athletes and sincere feedbacks from them. Thanks to this volunteering experience she has further strengthened her aspiration to help spread Buddhism internationally.

They could also choose to join scheduled activities led by volunteers and monastics, including morning and evening chanting services, guided Chan practice sessions, and prayer rituals. The bright space, tranquil atmosphere, and warm reception facilitated participants to experience the skill of calm outside the sports arena.

The Lithuanian team doctor, who had practiced Tibetan Buddhism before, visited the center almost every day. He said the Buddhist hall’s serene atmosphere made him feel peaceful, and that the words of wisdom in the spiritual prescription inspired positivity in him and therefore served as a blessing.

Athletes were intrigued by the moving meditation practice and tea meditation activity, which allowed them a spiritual experience that transcends language barrier.

Outside the extremely competitive sports arena, the hall certainly radiated the friendship and hospitality of people in Taiwan that go beyond cultural and national differences.

Translation: Chen An, Hsiao (蕭宸安)
Editor: ChiaCheng, Chang (張家誠)

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