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In 1956, the 45th year of the ROC calendar, Master Dong Chu (Master Sheng Yen’s teacher) built the Chung Hwa Institute of Buddhist Culture. At that time, resources and food in Taiwan were more scarce, so Master Dong Chu began a Winter Relief drive every year during the New Year to help alleviate hardship. He and his disciples worked with the community to raise materials such as rice, vegetables and other necessities, which they then distributed to the poor families in the Beitou district.

After the death of Master Dong Chu in 66 R.O.C., Master Sheng Yen continued the work of the winter relief drive. This activity later further spread to Tamsui, Sanchong, Yilan, and Taoyuan. Now, this year-end charity drive has become an annual tradition for DDM.

In 90 R.O.C., Dharma Drum established the DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation. The foundation doesn’t discriminate between religions, and it provides financial assistance and materials which assist the public during the Chinese New Year. The organization also offers long-term counseling and care to the poor, elderly, and handicapped, in cooperation with local government and schools.

Before every Chinese New Year, DDM holds about thirty separate charity activities in DDM branches and offices in Taiwan. They distribute materials, provided by donors from all walks of life, and offer blessings for more than three thousand families. This compassionate act has continued for nearly sixty years, and it helps many families and children to pass through tough times and hardship, particularly during the holidays. In a display of the human heart’s innate capacity for compassion and gratitude, many of the people who have received help before have now become donors, offering whatever help and charity they can to those still in need. It is a cycle of kindness.

Translator: Frances Liu (劉珮如)
Editor: Matthew Stoia

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