Impression on the Dharma Service at DDVC(Nov. 29~Dec. 4)

I doubt whether words can fully express my feelings about the 6-day Service that I attended from Nov. 29 to Dec. 4, but I know it was a very special experience to me.
I was amazed by the conduction of the Service. Every movement was so organized, smooth, effortless, like being lifted with magical energy. The Shanga and the venerables have lead the whole service with pure compassion that brought out the best participation from all attendants.

I have attended Liang Huang Bao Chan Service several times when I was in Vietnam. So when I learnt about the 6-day Service at DDM, I was keen to attend but also worried that I might not be able to follow through due to language barrier as I do not have any knowledge of Chinese. However, from day 1 to the end of the Service, I have been well taken care of by the venerables and the volunteers who provided me with English chanting liturgy and spontaneous interpretation as needed. I felt blessed and I could see my ancestors happily smile as they were lifted to the Pure Land at the end of the Service.

I wish to send my sincere thankfulness to the venerables and the the volunteers at DDM Temple Vancouver and look forward to joining other services at the Temple.

Thank you and best regards

By Thi Kim Loan Nguyen

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