Opening Ceremony: Lan Yang Abode of DDM Devotees Took Refuge in The Three Jewels

The opening ceremony of Lan Yang abode as a Dharma center to provide stable mental and physical practice was held at 10:00 a.m. on July 23. Lin Congxian, the mayor of Yilan, Lin Zimiao, the town’s mayor, Ven. Guo Dong, the Abbot President of DDM, Ven. Guo Shyang, the Vice Abbot President of DDM, as well as various representatives from all walks of life such as Lin Shunnan, Lin Jiamin, Lu Xuelin, Huang Chuqi, and Zhang Changbang officiated the opening ceremony by drawing the curtain to reveal sculptures of the Buddha and the Guanyin Boddhittsatva. In the afternoon, about 300 people took refuge in the Triple Jewels; members of the Sangha then hung Buddha pendents around the neck of these devotees. The atmosphere at the abode was solemn with recitation of the Buddha’s name.

“Sakyamuni Buddha, whose depth of compassion and wisdom dignifies the pure land and enlightens sentient beings; propagates and protects the Dharma; with the power of the Dharma, I declare this abode open!” was the opening verse by Ven. Guo Dong. In his speech, Ven. Guo Dong indicated that being grateful and showing our gratitude ensures the continuation of this attribute; just as being grateful to having drinking water ensures that this supply of water never end. As such, we should be grateful to the Boddhisattvas and Master Sheng Yen, founder of DDM, for their role in practicing, protecting and propagating the Dharma. To this end, Lan Yang abode combines the resources of Yilan and Luodong Dharma office to provide those in the Lan Yang area a better and complete Dharma center to take refuge and practice.

In addition, Ven. Guo Dong indicated that we are happiest when we can upgrade ourselves and able to care for others. He also expects Lan Yang abode to play a role in combining the policy and vision of Yilan county such as a spiritual environment and values of dedication to create an atmosphere of happiness. The goal of a spiritual environment is to improve the interaction between people and the environment through experience and creativity. In addition to regarding the environment with a calm and peaceful mind, we should also view it with compassion and wisdom. The spirit of Dharma Drum Mountain to dedicate ourselves to build a better society could be applied by the general public to dedicate themselves to caring for others; let this dedication be a starting point of cultivation.

In his speech after the opening service, Lin Congxian, the mayor of Yilan, said that Master Sheng Yen advocated the Boddhisattva path and the value of “uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on Earth”. In addition to propagating the Dharma, this slogan is the goal of Yilan county hopes to turn into reality in Taiwan. The mayor also praised the devotees for their hard work in building the abode; from the time he served as chief of Luoding township office until now, he witnessed the great willpower displayed and hopes that Lan Yang abode could illuminate Lan Yang area, bless the local communities with wisdom as well as serve as an inspiration for a peaceful pure land.

Devotees in the Lan Yang area are very excited with the opening of Lan Yang abode as a stable Dharma center for meditation practice after the old Dharma center was relocated five times. Huang Wangcai, who came to witness the opening ceremony with 9 people from 3 generations of his family in Keelung and Suao township, said that Lan Yang abode provides another place to promote the concepts of DDM. Many devotees attended the opening ceremony with their family; in addition Ven. Da Guan, founder of Sinfu Love Children Shelter in Yilan, attended the ceremony with twenty elementary as well as junior high school students. These students voluntarily took refuge in the Three Jewels and were blessed by members of the Sangha.

As in any Chan inspired environment, the atmosphere at Lan Yang abode is calm and peaceful; the waterscape screen wall emanates serenity. The Welcoming Guanyin stands in a pool, enabling devotees to have a spiritual dialogue with the Boddhisattva in tranquility. Classrooms are located on the second floor, where classes for seniors, volunteers and Buddhist lessons are held. In addition, these classrooms could be used for study groups. The Grand Buddha Hall for chanting and meditation is located on the third floor; devotees could also practice outdoor meditation at the Loudong Sports Park nearby.

Lan Yang abode will offer “Beginners of Learning Buddhism”, starting August 28. This course is suitable for everyone and Lan Yang abode hopes to welcome everyone to experience the beautiful scenery in Yilan and benefit from practicing Buddhism. May the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion bless Lan Yang area. The address of Lan Yang abode of DDM is: No.368, Beitou St., Luodong Township, Yilan County. Phone: (03)961-0296.

Translator: Frances Liu (劉珮如)
Editor: Leefah Thong

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