Rev. Joshin L. Bachoux, Abbot of la Demeure sans Limites, Visits Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education

At 11 in the morning of January 14th, Rev. Joshin L. Bachoux, abbot of la Demeure sans Limites, visited Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education together with Sakyadhita Taiwan. Dedicated to sharing Zen teachings as Dharma Drum Mountain is with Chan teachings, the Reverend, who visited Taiwan for the first time, said that Dharma Drum Mountain projects a calming energy that enables people to feel joy, while DDM monastics praised her for being able to engage in the challenging task of propagating the Dharma in Europe with a firm determination.

Ven. Changhui (常慧) and Ven. Changji (常寂) welcomed Rev. Joshin L. Bachoux and the guests on behalf of DDM. A disciple of Zen Masters Niwa (Zuigaku) Rempō and Moriyama (Hōrin) Daigyō of the Soto tradition of Zen Buddhism, the Reverend is currently propagating Zen teachings in France and South America. Interested in the development of Chan Buddhism in Taiwan, especially Dharma Drum Mountain that features both the Caodong and Linji lineages, the Reverend chose the DDM complex as the first stop of her trip to visit Dharma practice centers in Taiwan.

The guests first visited the Founding History Memorial Hall, where they learned about the development of DDM Sangha, and the thoughts and practices of Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Mountain, who endeavored to share Chan teachings as passed down in Chinese Buddhist history both in the east and west. Moved by Master Sheng Yen’s efforts to help bring the Buddha’s teachings to the west, Rev. Joshin L. Bachoux expressed that some of Master Sheng Yen’s books on Chan teachings have been translated into French, which are of great reference value to her.

Later, they also visited the Grand Buddha Hall, Meditation Hall, and Wish-Fulfilling Guanyin Hall. Over tea, Ven. Guohui, DDM’s vice abbot president, presented the Reverend a copy of A Study of Master Sheng Yen. The DDM Sangha also wished her the best, and praised her for her strong and firm faith in propagating the Dharma in the west, given the fact that western societies still lack familiarity with Buddhist teachings, and that the Reverend had to experience challenges and misunderstandings repeatedly, while striving to benefit local communities with the Dharma by catering to the western audience in an accommodating way.

Translated by Frances Liu (劉珮如) and edited by Chiacheng Chang (張家誠)

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