The 6th International Conference on Contemporary Buddhism and the Thought of Master Sheng Yen will be held at the GIS National Taiwan University Convention Center from Friday to Sunday, July 1 to 3, 2016. The title of the conference is "Chinese Buddhism and Master Sheng Yen in the Contexts of Modernity and the Buddhist Historical Imagination". Sheng Yen Education Foundation, sponsor of the event, indicates that the biannual international conference aims to stimulate religious dialogues in the effort to build a pure land on earth, and the number of papers presented as well as the amount of audience for each conference have gradually increased since its inception in 2006.

Sessions for the upcoming conference are organized according to two themes and proposals for the respective subtopics are welcome. The first theme, “Chinese Buddhism or Thoughts of Master Sheng Yen in the Contemporary Global Context” includes the subtopics of “Chinese Buddhism or Master Sheng Yen’s Thoughts in the Socio-Religious Contexts of Modern Societies”, “Construction and Reflection on Chinese Buddhist Modernism”, and “Challenges of Modernization and Globalization in the Contemporary Chinese Buddhist Organizations”. The second theme, “Orthodoxy and Historical Imagination on Buddhism”, covers the subtopics of “Master Sheng Yen’s “Chinese Chan Buddhism”: Tradition and Innovation”, “Historical Construction of Chinese Buddhism Orthodoxy”, “Chinese Buddhism or Buddhisms: Cross-Asian Perspectives” and “Historiography and Narrative of Chinese Buddhism”. Abstracts and resumes should be submitted electronically to The deadline for proposal submission is on Monday, January 25, 2016. For more information, please visit the website of Sheng Yen Education Foundation (, email or phone +886-2-23979300 ext. 15 or 16 for assistance.

Translated by Kate Wanchi Huang

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