Positivity in Impermanence: Abbot President hosts Refuge ceremony for devotees in Hong Kong

Dharma Drum Mountain’s Abbot President Ven. Guo Dong took a trip to Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong from October 15 to 19, where he talked on Buddhist compassion and wisdom in a public lecture and a refuge ceremony, bringing joy and serenity of the Dharma to local followers. The venerable also expressed his gratitude and blessing to local supporters for their efforts in receiving devotees and helping with the operations and plans of the practice center.

On Oct. 17, the venerable gave a lecture at the Kowloon Branch of DDM Hong Kong at 19:30 pm, on “Positivity in Impermanence,” to encourage people to practice “Protecting the Spiritual Environment” in daily life. Nearly 600 participants attended the lecture, to learn how to practice the Dharma in their everyday lives. The Dharma talk was also broadcast live via video conferencing for the followers at the Island Branch.

The venerable said that people often take impermanence as something passive. In fact, it is impermanence that makes hard work for improvement and transformation possible. “The scenario of life is like the scenery of four seasons: in spring there are all kinds of flowers blooming, and in autumn bright moon light; in summer there is cool breeze, and in winter snow. Transforming the mind leads to a change of season in our lives, bringing forth fresh opportunities at all times,” said the venerable, to encourage the audience to transcend impermanence, keep gratitude and contentment in mind, be humble without being self-deprecating, and have a sense of shame while practicing repentance. As he emphasized, the sense of shame represents a mirror and resembles pure, pristine Dharma water, which helps us grow and develop.

The following afternoon, the venerable transmitted the Five Precepts to the 150 new refuge takers. The refuge ceremony started at 2:30 pm. Some of the long anticipating devotees arrived over an hour earlier and waited quietly and patiently at the venue. Refuge takers included young children accompanied by their parents and elder people in their wheelchairs. The venerable explained the meaning of refuge and Five Precepts in detail, and encouraged them to make a resolution to practice Buddhism and uphold the Five Precepts, thereby purifying themselves and bringing positive energy to society.

Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong was established in 1994, as a DDM branch with only one single desk to start with. Currently, they organize averagely four activities per day, serving as a Buddhist practice center for the growing number of people aspiring to learn the Buddha’s teachings. DDMHK invites people to visit the practice center, uphold the Dharma, and learn to emulate Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Translated by Sherry Lai / Edited by Chiancheng Chang

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