Monks and Laity from Vietnam’s Huiyan Temple Visit Dharma Drum Mountain

On September 2nd at 10am, Precept Master Ming Tong, abbot of Huiyan Temple (Chùa Huê Nghiêm) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, visited DDM World Center for Buddhist Education accompanied by 24 monks and laity, to learn about Buddhist education as carried out by the Buddhist sangha in Taiwan. He was welcomed by Ven. Chang Wei, who introduced DDM’s mission—to spread Chinese Chan Buddhism, with Protecting the Spiritual Environment at the core; and to achieve the purification of the world through the Threefold Education—to the guests.

During a tea-time meeting, Precept Master Ming Tong asked how potential monastics are recruited. Ven. Guo Kai, senior member of the Sangha, said that besides upper age limit and student learning assessments, an important consideration is the candidate’s physical and mental readiness.

DDM hopes that both the visiting Dharma teachers and lay practitioners will find useful ideas from DDM’s efforts in its three-fold education: Extensive Academic Education, Extensive Public Buddhist Education, and Extensive Social Care Education. Accompanied by volunteer guides, they also visited the Grand Buddha Hall, the Funding History Memorial Hall, and the Wish-Fulfilling Guanyin Hall. Finally, on behalf of the DDM Sangha, Ven. Chang Wei and Ven. Chang Ji presented several of Master Sheng Yen’s books and the 108 Adages of Wisdom in Vietnamese translation as a gift to the visitors, wrapping up their pleasant Dharma journey in Taiwan.

Translated by Sherry Lai / edited by Chiacheng Chang.

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