Book a Chan tour to the Picturesque Pure Land of Dharma Drum Mountain

DDM in midsummer is immersed in luxuriant greenery and the sweet-sounding drone of cicadas. We invite everyone to sense the delight of Chan or Dharma in this environment. To observe water or wind, listen to a babbling brook, practice walking meditation, participate in a water bowl holding meditation, or simply make a pilgrimage with a relaxed body and mind.

Modern day people lead busy, intense lifestyles and many would love to find a place to balance their body and mind during weekends and other times. The tranquil atmosphere and minimalist, unadorned architectural style in DDM World Center allow guests to immerse themselves naturally into the environment by slowing down their pace, physically and mentally, and appreciate the surrounding scenic mountains natural environment. DDM tour guides will lead visitors to practice Chan using the method of "wherever lies the body lies the mind”; so as to understand the meaning of living in the present, and experience the joy of Chan wherever they are. To better help guests experience serenity and calmness, DDM’s Visitor Service Office will arrange for the most appropriate itinerary based on the visitors’ duration of stay and needs. Explanation is offered in three languages, Mandarin, English and Japanese.

DDM’s Visitor Service Office had planned itineraries on themes of living Chan, spiritual environmental protection or ecological discovery for all walks of life. We hope that everybody whether local or from overseas, can explore the beauty of Chan and experience the spirit of Chinese Chan in the surroundings of DDM World Center for Buddhist Education. More detailed information about reservation is available on, or dial +886-2498-7171 ext 1350~1355 directly.

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