Refection on My First Silent Retreat

This is my fear before the Beginner’s Mind Retreat:

- Not talking for a whole weekend?!!
- Vegetarian for the whole weekend?! Am I going to be starving or fainted?
- Meditate for the whole weekend? Never done that before!

At the same time, I was looking forward to and excited about the experience:
- I meditate almost daily, and that feels really good. Meditate the whole weekend can potentially make me feel fantastic!
- there are negative emotions that I would love to let go.
- YOLO (you only live once)

What I learnt:
- I not only survived, but enjoyed not talking and eating vegetarian the whole weekend!
- I also survived sleeping on the hardwood floor. It was fine!
- greeting everyone and be so hyper actually adds stress. My eye tightness was gone when I did not greet people for the whole weekend :) I will greet people in a more calm and energy efficient way from now on.
- I let go that I need to make a certain amount of money in my practice. I feel great!! (and ironically made record high money and got numerous opportunities and good things happening to me after I don't worry about it :) Thank you very much for the interview Rebecca!
- I am, and other people are, constantly planning what to say while we are listening. I let go of planning ahead while listening, so I can listen more deeply.
- Every moment is a new moment. Love that!
- Eating meditation, walking meditation. Very powerful stuffs!!

Thank you so much for the experience!

(by Diana Cheng at DDM Vancouver)

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