Lecture on the Wisdom of Fa Hua: Recondition Vexation, Regenerate Wisdom

The fourth lecture on the Wisdom of Fa Hua (Lotus Sutra in Chinese) lecture series began at 2 p.m. on November 16, 2014 at the Taichung City Hall. The theme for this lecture was “Recondition Vexation, Regenerate Wisdom”. Ven. Hui Min, President of the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA), with guest speakers Jiang Xun, a cultural luminary, and Lo Xiu Fen, a successful entrepreneur discussed issues revolving around this theme, focusing on attaining happiness through practicing generosity.

Luo Xiu Fen, with a career in IT, has a smooth sailing life all these while; however, this also causes her to be frustrated whenever she encountered challenges, even a minor one. After practicing Buddhism, she finally understood that her smooth life is the result of her “karma”, leading her to devote her time to social services; she even donated her beloved jewelery as part of her practice to cultivate generosity. In addition, she now resolves disagreements with her husband amicably and has a much better relationship with her children, dealing with their indiscipline with consideration instead of punishment. She has also mellowed down and not easily angered having participated in the “Liang Emperor’s Repentance Ritual” organized by DDM multiple times; moreover, she is able to face her mistakes with repentance and introspection. A peaceful mind leads to a peaceful life.

Jiang Xun, who recites the “Diamond Sutra” every morning, knows that it is imperative to learn to let go after his father passed away. Nevertheless, he found it difficult to let go when his mother was on the verge of death. He even made a pair of stamps engraved with Chinese characters “let go” and “don’t let go” in his determination to practice letting go; knowing the futility of clinging, he found himself using the “let go” stamp more frequently. In putting the “Diamond Sutra” to practice, he constantly reminds himself to be humble and even pray for those who are wicked as the sutra indicated that “everyone is equal and has the same Buddha-nature; this Buddha-nature is only temporarily masked by our greed, anger and ignorance”.

Ven. Hui Min, President of DILA, told the audience that it is very difficult to let go of our ego; however, we should strive for peace by learning to let go and by practicing generosity. He further indicated that the theme of this symposium, “Fa Hua (Lotus Sutra in Chinese)”, was based on the fact that Shakyamuni Buddha declared that all sentient beings have Buddha nature even though this Buddha nature is masked by defilements; all sentient beings have the potential to gain enlightenment, similar to the pure lotus flower that grows from mud. In addition, the positive effect generated by the chanting of mantras and sutras as well as practicing the Buddha Dharma for long period of time was verified by studies in Brain Science. Ven. Hui Min also praised the two guest speakers for their diligent Buddhist practice and encouraged the audience to practice Buddhism and study the Buddha Dharma to generate a better and peaceful environment.

A short video featuring the late Venerable Master Sheng Yen was also shown to the audience; the late Master Sheng Yen indicated that a pure mind is a mind of wisdom and this can be achieved by eliminating jealousy, anger and arrogance. In addition, knowing and repenting on the error of our ways is an achievement by itself. This lecture series was organized prior to the inauguration of Baoyun Monastery next March; DDM hopes that these lectures expounding on classic Buddhist sutras could be a cornerstone of spiritual purification.

(Translated by Tom Hsieh/Edited by Leefah)

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