Thoughts on Meditation

When I first heard about the Meditation Retreat in Centennial Beach from my friend who is a Buddhist, I decided to give it a try. Not only because I like Buddhism but also I was told that meditation can help a person to calm his/her mind.

After having some really delicious food made by people in the temple, we started out session in a quiet park. Master Chang Wu gave an introduction to meditation with a start of a standing pose. We had to stand still on the ground and close our eyes. She then guided us to relax from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. It was a surprise that I started to feel sleepy just after the first minute of this meditation. While we were doing the walking meditation, somehow my headache hunted me, making me really uncomfortable. However, when we finally sat down on the grass and meditated on our own, the pain was immediately released and I quickly fell asleep. Usually when I was sleeping I always dream, but not this time! My brain was completely relaxed and having rest properly. I didn’t even realize the session was end until someone took 30sc to wake me up.

Later, I was told that there have been too much pressure and stress in my brain and body all the time, and I possibly did not get good rest to restore my energy , so when I was relaxed, the exhaustion of my body was noticed by my brain and thus, I fell asleep. If I ever have another chance to do meditation, I will definitely go without any hesitation. It is so helpful and I believe there are more to be explored rather than relaxation!

(Shared by Alice Cool, Dharma Drum Vancouver Center)

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