If you contemplate your mind, you will find no mind, except the mind that comes from mis-conceptions.

The mind with such conceptions arises from delusion.
Like the wind in the sky, it has no grounding.
Such a character of things neither appears nor disappears. What is sin? What is virtue?
As the thought of self is itself empty, neither sin nor virtue is our master.
In this way, all things are neither permanent nor destroyed.
If one repents like this, meditating on one’s mind, one finds no mind.
Things also do not dwell in things.
All things are liberated, show the truth of extinction, and are calm and tranquil.
Such a thing is called great repentance, sublime repentance, repentance without sin, the destruction of the self-referential mind.
People who practice this repentance are pure in body and mind, like flowing water, not attached to things.
The whole ocean of hindrances from past actions arises from illusion.
If you want to repent, you should sit upright and reflect on the true nature of things.
All evils are like frost and dew.
The sun of wisdom can dissipate them.
— from Sutra on the Meditation of Samantabadhra, also known as the Repentance Sutra

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