Dharma Drum Mountain Holds 2014 Tonsure Ceremony

At 9 o’clock on the morning of August 24th, 2014, the 2014 Tonsure Ceremony is held in the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education where the Abbot President of DDM, Ven. Guo Dong, hosted the ceremony. There are 12 to-be-monastics tonsured, and they all vow to shoulder the Shakyamuni’s great compassionate vows to spread the Buddha Dharma and benefit the all sentient beings.

With the solemn and outstanding voice of the Abbot President, 12 senior venerables including the Abbot President tonsure the to-be-monastics after they prostrate and show the deep gratitude to their beloved parents. After tonsuring, the venerables who operate the tonsure all hope the new monastics can achieve the great compassion and wisdom with the illumination of Buddha.

The Abbot President leads everyone on the scene to congratulate the new monastics on leaving the mundane world, vexation, and mortality. He also encourages them to learn the compassionate spirit of Guanyin Bodhisattva to save the suffered people anytime.

Actually, anyone who wants to be tonsured and be a monastic in the DDM Sangha has to be accustomed to DDM and learn related Buddhist knowledge in DDM for over a year, and he or she has to be supported by their family members. However, 600 family members attend the event of this year to express their blessings and respect to the new monastics, which is very moving and warm.

Venerable’s Yen Rue’s mother and aunt specially attend the tonsure ceremony from Hualien, and both of them pray to the Buddha and Bodhisattva for what Ven. Yen Rue can stay healthy and happy after being a monastic. Ven. Yen Zhu’s father says he will uphold the venerable by all what he has.

Ms. Wu Qing Fen expressed her best wishes to the fact that her daughter will be monastics with a letter saying that she treats the tonsure ceremony as a happy event and hope her to be healthy, stay away from disaster, and concentrate on the path of Buddha after being a monastic.

The 2014 DDM Tonsure Ceremony ends perfectly after the Abbot President leads all the venerables and attendants to transfer the merits of the event to the society and all the sentient beings.

(Translated by Tom Hsieh)

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