Knowing the Heart Sutra

Although there are only several hundred words in the Heart Sutra, whenever I am confused or feeling helpless, transcribing the sutra helps me settle my mind and complete my tasks at hand. Hence I wanted to further understand the Heart Sutra. It just happened that there was a class about this which has further helped me my understanding of this classic sutra.

The atmosphere of the class was very relaxed, and classmates shared their life experiences with one another. We also learned how to treat favorable and unfavorable circumstances with equanimity in the various stages of life.

This class has taught me the meaning of “endeavors without attachment”, that sooner or later I can fulfill what I hope for and that the game of life is not won at the start nor is it lost at the finish. It all depends on one’s mindset.

I am very happy to have successfully completed each phase of my commitment to myself to attend and be attentive at the six classes. In the following days, I will endeavor to apply the principles of the “Heart Sutra”, both to consolidate my learning and encourage other people.

(Shared by Emma, Dharma Drum Young Buddhist Society/Translated by Tom Hsieh/Edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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