2014 Buddhism Wedding Ceremony of DDM of Open for Registration

Those planning to tie the knot in 2014 can exchange their marriage vows before the Buddha at the 20th Buddhist group wedding ceremony to be held at the Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education on January 11. DDM expects 64 newlyweds-to-be to be married at the joyful and sincere ceremony. Registration is now open but availability is limited. DDM welcomes soon-to-be happy couples over the age of 20 to be married with the blessings of the Three Jewels.

In 2014, a milestone of 1000 marriages witnessed by the Buddha during DDM’s Buddhist wedding ceremonies will be reached. The theme for the upcoming wedding ceremony will be, ‘Happy Marriage, Joyful Life.’ DDM hopes that newlyweds can feel the sincerity of marriage, understand what it means to be married, and learn to shoulder social responsibility during marriage through a warm and heartfelt Buddhist wedding ceremony combined with an interesting yet relaxing ‘premarital seminar.”

Couples married in previous DDM Buddhist group wedding ceremonies share their experiences below.

Yang Zi-Jie and Ge Xian-Tao were married at the first wedding ceremony conducted by DDM with their parents’ blessings. Jokingly they call their wedding ceremony a ‘guarantee of happiness seminar’. The couple’s life together is undeniably the embodiment of practice. Every year, Yang attends the Dharma Drum Mountain Water and Land Dharma Service to practice jointly with thousands of participants.

Huang Zhong-Hsiung and Chiu Xiu-Yu were married at the fifth DDM Buddhist group wedding ceremony and lead a happy life with their two children after marriage. They named their son ‘Fu-Tien’, meaning ‘field of blessings’ and serve as DDM volunteers during summer vacation, learning how to sow seeds of merit. Their children have both taken refuge at DDM. Chiu believes that by practicing and learning the Buddha Dharma, family members are more considerate towards each other and their children are filial. The Buddhist group wedding ceremony is unquestionably the starting point of their happiness.

Pan Rong-Hsuan said her twin girls imitate her and her husband to sit cross-legged and prostrate to the Buddha with joined palms. Her twin girls will be three-years-old next month. They like to be close to monasteries, and innocently call Venerables ‘Amituofo’. Five years ago her husband strived to receive his mother’s support to fulfill Pans’ wish to be married at a Buddhist wedding ceremony. She also strong believes that learning the Buddha Dharma has positively adjusted her and her husband’s beliefs and lifestyles. Although she occasionally disagrees with her husband’s opinions, they always learn to compromise by communicating rationally.

During the wedding ceremony, DDM Abbot President, Venerable Guo Dong will offer blessings and develop an affinity with the brides and grooms by presenting portraits of Wish-Fulfilling Guanyin. The chairman of Buo-Zhong Foundation, Wu Buo-Hsiung will also attend the ceremony to present the marriage certificates to the newlyweds. Finally, DDM congratulate the happy couples and gift them with precious calligraphy scrolls and books of the late Master Venerable Sheng Yen.

Do you want to married with sincerity before the Buddha? Do you wish to be blessed by the Buddha for a bright future ahead?

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