DDM Financially Assisted Students Demonstrated Their Gratitude

On the afternoon of 7th of July 2013, in New Taipei City, Xin-Chuang, the Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) hosted an event where the students financially assisted by DDM showed their appreciation through an activity called “sharing cards.” By means of the sharing cards, the students who received assistance shared what they had experienced in their daily and school lives to acknowledge the support received from the public.

The DDMSWCF said it expected to host 12 “sharing cards” activities around Taiwan this year, and the main theme of the activities would be teaching the late Master Sheng Yen’s “Four Practices for Helping Oneself and Others:” gratitude, thankfulness, reform, moving others through virtuous acts. The activities would also invite people who had received the DDM’s scholarship to serve as volunteers who will instruct the students there in making cards, and cultivating the spirit of “recognizing blessings, cherishing blessings, nurturing blessings, and sowing the seeds of blessings.”

The volunteers, Hsiang-Yu, Huang, and her younger brother, Cheng-Wei, Huang, said they and their older sister, Yi-Chen, Huang all had applied for the DDM’s scholarship. Yi-Chen Huang is now working and preparing to step into marriage; Hsiang-Yu, Huang has just graduated from university and his younger brother is now a freshman in the university. Most important off all, they appreciated DDM’s assistance and learned the ideas of recognizing blessings and cherishing blessings from DDM. They often serve as volunteers and devote themselves to the society.

Ting-Shuo, Hu, who had headed for the Taipei City Zoo to care for children with DDMSWCF, attended the activity as a student who had been assisted by DDM’s scholarship. Although suffering from a rare disease which has made his limbs weak and unable to make sharing cards, Hu still spent his time sharing his life story with everyone at the event to encourage and uplift the spirits of those who are suffering from distress in their lives.

Judging from the cards that were made, it is not hard to see that the students who have received DDM’s financial assistance are considerate and mature; they not only appreciated the public who had offered the scholarship but also allowed themselves to become part of the flowing stream of virtue, strength the virtue which in turn continues to irrigate the sprouting seeds of virtue and help other students who are in need grow up in the society.

(Translated by Tom Hsieh/Edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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