DDM Always Cares for Children’s Growth and Well-Being

Li, Bi-Zhen has been a volunteer at DDM since 1993 and it has become simply a part of her daily life. She admits that she used to be very egoistic and not very compassionate when dealing with people. However, her human relations skills have improved tremendously and she now knows how to communicate more effectively and choose kinder words which do not harm others. Using compassion and wisdom as her guide, her interpersonal relationship and skills is getting better and better.

Through her experience over the years, she has seen many children who, because of some unfortunate or tragic events that happen in their family, choose to isolate or withdraw away from people and society. She gave a real example of two brothers, a third and fifth-grader, from a single parent family. The two boys became completely withdrawn and refused to talk to anyone after their mother committed suicide by inhaling the fumes of charcoal-burning. This eventually led them to experience learning difficulties as they were not communicative to anyone.

However, after a six-year period of continuous help, comfort and patience from volunteers of the DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, the two brothers eventually were willing to talk with the volunteers about the secrets and fears torturing their minds all this time. What they could not comprehend was “Why did Mother still take us to enjoy a feast on the night before she committed suicide? Everything was so normal then.” When they were willing to open up and share their fears, it was the breakthrough needed to help them overcome their ordeal and eventually, the two brothers not only overcame their learning difficulties but actually successfully entered the public vocational schools to study.

To help the children who suffer from domestic misfortune, DDMSWCF holds the annual event of “sharing cards” (those who had received help from DDM express words of appreciation and grateful thanks on cards which others will read). The event also basically serves to invite seniors who had been cared for by DDM to, in turn, serve as instructors to assist the children being cared for to make the appreciation cards which will be , which will be sent to those who donate scholarships for the children. Li said holding such activities can increase the children’s belief in the volunteers and society. Some children feel ashamed of their families’ situation, so they were not willing to open their hearts and minds to others. However, after participating in the activity of “sharing cards,” they begin to realize and feel the genuine care and concern that others feel for them and become more willing to communicate with others to relieve the pain in their hearts and minds.

(Translated by Tom Hsieh/ Edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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