One Hundred and Thirty Children Attend Camp at DDM

Have you ever wondered how your children could spend their summer holidays meaningfully?

One hundred and thirty (130) children returned home with happy memories after participating in a 3-day camp from July 5, 2013 at Ziyun Monastery of Dharma Drum Mountain in Tainan, Taiwan.

Based on the vision of ‘uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth’, as well as the core concepts of protecting the four kinds of environment, the 3-day camp instilled a sense of responsibility in the children through meditation practice and cultivation of self awareness and inner peace. The camp promoted respect, tolerance, the spirit of Chan, mutual concern and teamwork among the children.

Through the relaxed atmosphere created by the experienced trainers, the children were fully engaged with the activities. For example, children illustrated their stories and ideas through a series of interesting drawings as part of the activity of producing their own reading books. . This activity not only promoted their creativity, it also encouraged them in trying out something new and adventurous.

These children also learned the spirit of Chan from Venerables of DDM. At the Buddha Hall, these little meditators sat neatly in rows, experiencing the calmness and joy of Chan in the present moment. Chan is in every moment in daily life. The children also experienced Chan through the art of calligraphy and learned to concentrate on what they did at every moment - ‘Wherever the body is, the mind is there.’ They also participated fully in singing Dharma songs.

With the help of skillful trainers and volunteers, the children enjoyed outdoor games. They were trained in teamwork and mutual understanding as they completed their tasks at every station. It was amusing to see how the children came up with outstanding ideas within limited time.

Ziyun Monastery of DDM hope that through this camp, children learn in completing their task, in living happily, and in feeling gratitude to all. The mission was fruitful as could be seen from the expressions of happiness on the participant’s faces at the end of the camp.

(Translated by LN Lim/ Edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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