Taitung Xinxing Monastery Celebrates Vesak Day

On 5 May 2013, Xinxing Monastery of Dharma Drum Mountain in eastern Taiwan, Taitung, held a Dharma Assembly, the Refuge-Taking Ceremony, followed by a Gala Party in celebration of Vesak Day.

The event began with the Refuge-Taking ceremony, where more than 150 people took refuge in the Three Jewels as their spiritual guidance, and was followed by the Dharma Assembly.

DDM’s Abbot President Venerable Guo Dong presided the Refuge-Taking ceremony and offered his blessings. The Abbot President encouraged participants to practice Buddhism and to learn Bodhisattva’s way of compassion and wisdom, and to make vows for the interests of others which would in turn benefit our lives.

(translated by Jin yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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