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Sunday, September 07, 2008
From the 7th to 8th of September 2008, a delegation of 47 Buddhist scholars and students from Rissho University in Japan visited the Dharma Drum Buddhist College (DDBC) and the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education, on which occasion Venerable Master Sheng Yen, founder of Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM), welcomed and met the group.

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On the morning of 21 August 2008, chief leader of Dharma Drum Mountain relief team, Venerable Guo Pin and Deputy Abbot President of DDM signed contracts with officials of Xiushui Township of Sichuan Province in China. The contracts will see to the reconstruction of First Xiushui Elementary School and the Xiushui Health Center expected to be completed within one and half years.

The 5/12 earthquake in Sichuan shocked the world. Over the past few months, international relief teams have put great efforts into the delivery of medical care and material supplies into the quake-stricken areas.
On the afternoon of 19 May 2008, the Dharma Drum Mountain relief team returned home safely after eight days of humanitarian work in Burma.

The Dharma Drum Mountain relief team stationed at Sichuan was praised by the Sichuan government and its local residents for the work that they have carried out. The local people were deeply touched by the compassion of DDM relief team in their commitment to help, and formed a strong bond with the members of the relief team.

As reported by overseas Chinese businessman in Myanmar of thirteen years and a passionate, longtime DDM volunteer Mr. Feng Tsai TSAI, a set of water purifiers donated by Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare & Charity Foundation in Myanmar (DDMSWCFM) was successfully installed for service on 13 June 2008, providing clean water for the cyclone victims.

Typhoon Kalmaegi struck Taiwan on 18 July 2008, flooding the central and southern regions and blocking road access to aboriginal villages in some mountain areas. According to an official report, the loss was over NT$10 million. Several people were killed.

The Annual Youth Growth Camp was held from 14 to 18 August 2008 at Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan Township, Taipei County. Two hundred and fifty youth from around the world participated in the five-day spiritual enrichment camp.

In light of the negative impact of global warming on human beings, Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) hosted the "2008 Great Compassion Liberation Rite of Water and Land" from November 28th to December 5th 2008. This event was held at the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan Township, Taipei County in the hope of bringing peace and happiness to all people.

With the aim of promoting an academic exchange of Sangha Education, on the morning of the 25th August 2008, seventy Buddhist venerables from mainland China, Thailand and Vietnam visited the Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan Township, Taipei County.
On 11 January 2008, seven honored Venerables and nine lay practitioners from Sri Lanka paid their first visit to the Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) in Jinshan Township, Taipei County, to participate in religious and cultural exchanges at the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education.
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