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7-day Bilingual Silent Illumination Retreat, 12/7-12/14, TPE

Retreat Teacher: Gilbert Gutierrez

Date: Dec. 7th to Dec. 14th, 2019
Venue: Chan Hall, Dharma Drum Mountain, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Language: English with Chinese translation
Requirements: Experience of seven-day retreat both with DDM and other traditions.
Already establishing daily personal practice and willing to really devote oneself during the retreat.
Fee: Free, your donation to Dharma Drum Mountain will be most appreciated.

Registration Deadline: Oct. 31, 2019
Registration: HERE

Contact: img.ddm@gmail.com

Gilbert approaches Silent Illumination training with a hands-on detailed description of the method in the historical and theoretical context of the ancient and contemporary Chan masters. Care is given to providing exacting instructions as to the application of the method and the relevant Buddhadharma theory. Each participant receives individual instruction to make any necessary corrections to their practice. Gilbert combines serious Buddhadharma instruction and humor to make the most effective and unique style of instruction.

Gilbert Gutierrez

Gilbert Gutierrez has over thirty-nine years of meditation experience, which includes his study of various martial arts as well as Chi Gong. In 2002, he received Dharma Transmission from Chan Master Sheng Yen, making him the only western lineage holder currently residing in the United States. He conducts retreats and lectures throughout North America.
His home base is in Southern California and he lectures regularly at the Los Angeles DDMBA chapter and with his own Riverside Chan Meditation Group in California. He teaches in a classical Chan style which inspires his students to investigate Chan through diligent practice. In this retreat, the emphasis will be on the Right View, correct application of the methods and the proper attitude toward practice. Personal interview available.

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