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Prerequisites for Acceptance

A 21-day Chan meditation retreat, led by Ven. Chi Chern Fashi, will take place in August 2017, at the Plein-air House of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Dluzew, Poland. The retreat will begin with a Dharma talk by the Master at 7 pm on July 30 (Sunday) and will end at 10 am on August 20 (Sunday).

The prerequisites for acceptance to the retreat are at least 6 months of experience in Buddhist meditation practice and participation in at least one intensive (i.e. at least 5-day) retreat. It is possible to participate in 7, 14 or 21 days of the retreat, providing one begins on July 30.

Ven. Chi Chern Fashi

Ordained by Master Zhu Mo in Penang, Malaysia, Chi Chern Fashi studied at the Fo Guang Buddhist College in Taiwan. Following two seven-day retreats with Chan Master Sheng Yen (Shifu) in 1980, a period of fasting at the Institute of Buddhist Culture (Wen Hua Guan) led to a profound experience that he describes as being like “a stroke of lightning in a dark night, [giving him] a glimpse of the path and destination.” With Shifu’s confirmation, he returned to Malaysia to teach meditation. He received Dharma transmission from Chan Master Sheng Yen in 1986. Chi Chern Fashi is currently the principal of the Malaysian Buddhist Institute, and is one of the most respected meditation teachers in Malaysia and Singapore. He continues to lead retreats in Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe. After recent retreats in Croatia, Poland, and Switzerland, he has been sought after–as his detailed instruction, straightforward manner, yet relaxed and affable character have earned him a high level of esteem in the European continent.

How to apply for the retreat?

By sending an application form and making a deposit. The application form should be sent till June 15, 2017, by letter to the address:
Pawel Rosciszewski ul. Promienna 12 05-540 Zalesie Gorne Poland
or by e-mail to:


The deposit should be made by bank transfer till June 15, 2017 (the bank account details are given below). This books you a place at the retreat, provided there are still free places.

Retreat participation fee and the deposit

1. The 21 day participation fee is 1100 Euro, with a deposit of 500 Euro.
2. The 14 day participation fee is 800 Euro, with a deposit of 400 Euro.
3. The 7 day participation fee is 420 Euro, with a deposit of 250 Euro.
After making the deposit by bank transfer, the balance payment should be made till June 30, 2017. If you have to resign from participation due to chance occurrences, all payments transferred to our bank account will be returned to you provided you notify us about your resignation till June 30, 2017.

Please bear in mind that all transfer costs should be borne by the payer.

Rules of accepting participants

Preference in accepting participants will be given to people applying for 21 days, then to those applying for 14 days, and finally to those applying for 7 days. In case of people applying for the same number of days, priority will be given to those making an earlier deposit. The list of participants and the reserve list will be ready by July 1, 2017. People from the reserve list will be accepted to the retreat in case of resignation of people from the main list of participants. The deposit will be returned in full to applicants who are not accepted to the retreat.


Participants accepted to the retreat should arrive in Dluzew on July 30, before 5 pm. The map with access routes to the retreat venue can be found on this website:
If you need help in getting to Dluzew and/or back, please mark the appropriate boxes on the application form. If there is a considerable number of people needing assistance in getting to Dluzew and back, we will rent a bus (or minibus) which is going to leave downtown Warsaw on July 30, at about 4 pm. The trip back to Warsaw will take place at 10:30 am on August 20—the bus is expected to arrive in downtown Warsaw at about 12 pm. The cost of the return trip will be 30 Euro (one way trip—15 Euro), to be paid directly before the trip.


•Each day begins with wake-up at 4 am and ends at 10 pm. It includes a number of 40 minute periods of meditation (which may be extended to 60 minute ones in the second week of the retreat), physical exercises, work periods, interviews with the teachers, and Dharma talks.

• The Dharma talks at the retreat will be given in Chinese and translated into English and Polish. All announcements will be made in English and Polish.

• Each retreat participant will get a work assignment from the organizers, e.g. cleaning the Chan hall, dining room, hallways, or toilets; washing dishes; working in the garden etc.

Other information

•The meals at the retreat will be vegetarian.
• Participants with financial difficulties may apply for a discount in the participation fee. The request can be enclosed to the application form.
• It is not necessary to take a sleeping bag, meditation mat or cushion. Bedding as well as mats and cushions will be available at the retreat venue. However, if you use a kneeling meditation bench you should bring it with you.

• Information about the retreat is available on the Chan Buddhist Union website: http://www.czan.eu/en/odosobnienie-czan-sierpien-2017/

• http://www.czan.eu/informator_sierpien/?lang=en

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21 Days Intensive Retreat in Poland
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