Ensuring a Safe Body and Mind


Ensuring a Safe Body and Mind

In daily life, people's understanding of their own body and mind is extremely limited. As for the mind, you have no time to examine how many thoughts come and go in a day, or even in the minute that has just slipped by. You may have some impressions of a few major thoughts, but about the numerous trivial ones that just flashed by, you are not clear.

Furthermore, physically, your cellular metabolism has not for a single moment stopped. You may know of this fact since it is common knowledge, but in no way can you actually sense and feel it. Of course, there is no need for us to clarify these matters either.

What is important is that we, living in a modern society, must always use a high level of intellect and great physical energy-whether in our studies or daily work, whether making a living or contributing to the public welfare. Yet few people realize that deep within our own reservoir of intellectual and physical energy, there is a huge leak through which tremendous amounts of energy meaninglessly leak out, when at the same time our production of energy is way below our capability and our need.

This is at once a waste of energy, and stagnation in production: we have failed not only to do our best to broaden our sources of energy, but also to properly reduce its expenditure. This truly is a great pity.

What is this leak? It is our disorderly wandering thoughts, which consume our physical energy and lower our intellect. Among them, thoughts which stir our emotions, such as strong desire, hatred, arrogance, despair, etc., in particular can disturb the balanced functioning of our physiological system.

If you learn the methods of Chan meditation, you can reduce these disorderly and useless distractions, and constantly keep your mind in a restful state of relaxation and calmness, so whenever it is needed to solve a problem, it can always function to the full. Moreover, Chan meditation can make the various endocrine glands in your body work in seamless cooperation with one another, and enhance the coordination between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

For instance, the pituitary, pineal, parotid, and thymus glands of the sympathetic nervous system can cause the constriction of blood vessels to raise blood pressure, thus increasing the sympathetic tone of the body; the outward expressions are alertness and quickness in reaction.

On the other hand, the adrenal, ovarian, testicle, and pancreatic glands of the parasympathetic nervous system can cause the dilatation of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and reducing the sympathetic tone; the outward expressions are calmness and stability. Combining the merits of both systems will form a perfect personality, whereas inclination to either side will lead to defects in character.

As we are aware, the pressure of work, over taxation of one's brain, and external-stimulus-induced strong emotion, whether it be wild rapture or violent rage, can all give rise to constricted blood vessels, increased pulse rate, rising blood pressure, and shortness of breath, resulting possibly in such conditions as cerebral hemorrhage, insomnia, palpitations, tinnitus, neuroticism, and indigestion. This is because when you experience severe emotions, the functioning of your endocrine glands become imbalanced, thus creating toxins in the blood.

The endocrine system normally promotes a healthy body. However, if it loses balance, it will light up your body!|s red light warning system. Chan meditation can transform fluctuating moods into a clear and peaceful state of mind.

Eventually, no danger will make you afraid, and no pleasure will make you wild with joy; no gain will make you feel wealthy, and no loss will make you feel deprived; no opposition will irk you, and no compliance will delight you. Therefore, Chan meditation can ensure the safety of your body and mind.

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