The Busy Make the Most of Time


The Busy Make the Most of Time

In today’s world, everyone is busy. To earn a living, people often hold more than one job or several part-time jobs. Already exhausted by their day jobs, they may still be obligated to attend social activities in the evenings. Busy with their careers, some people neglect caring for their families. They may only see their children once or twice a week, and even the husband and wife have insufficient time to communicate because they leave early for work and come home late. With such a hectic lifestyle, taking proper care of the family and children is a big problem.

However, from my personal experience and what I have learned, I can say that “the busy make the most of time,” because with determination, busy people can fully utilize and manage their time so that both work and family are well taken care of.

Although I am not encumbered with a wife and children, I do have a large monastic family with monastic disciples to provide for, take care of, and educate, taking on the triple responsibilities of father, mother and teacher. I must wholeheartedly devote my energies to running the monastery and caring for my followers. Even with an extremely busy schedule spreading the Dharma, I never forget to take care of and show concern for every disciple, sometimes by discussing with and guiding them at group meetings, and at other times teaching and encouraging them through individual conversations. As the Chinese proverb goes, “No one knows a child better than his father.” As their Master, I think that they must have found in me a bosom friend who understands them well, or they would not be so happy to be my disciples. Similarly, if parents do not know their children’s aspirations, personality, interests, aptitudes, and potential, they will not be able to guide them and assist them in choosing their future. If parents cannot grow and learn with their children and become their understanding and intimate friends, they won’t be able to gain their children’s trust or make them feel secure.

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