Diligent and Steady Career Management


Diligent and Steady Career Management

The values of society are inverted and confused. Most people use wealth, fame and social status to measure career success. They do not know that a successful career depends on both merit accumulated from previous lives and efforts made in the present life. Depending solely on the efforts of this life, without the karmic rewards resulting from past lives, one cannot necessarily achieve satisfaction in the pursuit of fame, fortune, status and power.

Many people do not understand this underlying principle. So they disregard public welfare and others’ personal interests in the pursuit of selfish gains. They try to slip through the cracks and take advantage of loopholes in the law, and resort to force or trickery, official corruption, and fraud, causing harm to many innocent sentient beings and damaging social morality. For the moment they may seem to be riding high. But eventually, they will be brought to justice and condemned by society. Even if they do escape temporarily, they cannot escape karmic retribution in the future.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing the ideal of career success. But doing so blindly or recklessly, without heeding the karmic law at all, one becomes a scourge of society, harming oneself and others.

As most people in the modern world crave short-term gain, whenever they feel constrained, the first thing that comes to mind is making a change. So the turnover rate in all professions is becoming increasingly high, with many people repeatedly changing professions and fleeing poorer work conditions. With such an unstable work situation, one’s body and mind will be restless, creating family misfortune.

Of course, if job changes accompany a transition to a new phase of one’s life, or are an adjustment resulting from a transfer or promotion, or if changing profession is a strategic move, these are all necessary developmental steps on the road to success. However, if one is perpetually dissatisfied with one’s current work environment, and unwilling to fully commit oneself to the job at hand, success in any profession or any job is simply impossible.

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