Mutual Respect and Support among Family Members


Mutual Respect and Support among Family Members

An over-emphasis on individualism in modern society has resulted in generation gaps, the breakdown of relationships between husband and wife, and estrangement between siblings. Although living together, each family member looks out for themselves, expecting others to conform to their will, and even fighting for power and money. In the end, the parents do not understand their children, and children do not appreciate their parents’ painstaking devotion. Husband and wife neither trust in nor compromise with each other. Ultimately, everyone in the family loses a sense of trust and security.

As a result, elderly parents are sent to nursing homes, teenage children become rebellious, young adults flee from home to seek independence, and marriages become fragile. The “happy” family” that everyone longs for becomes no more than a dream and empty words. However, if a husband and wife have mutual respect, understanding and fidelity, as well as care and love, and can learn from each other, it’s not really hard to have a successful marriage and build a happy family.

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