Intuition vs. Non-discrimination


Intuition vs. Non-discrimination

Some people mistake intuition for non-discrimination. Unenlightened people can, to varying extents, rely on their intuition. By intuition, I mean knowing, saying and doing things in a direct way, without relying much on the thought process. With a truly non-discriminating mind, there are no vexations. With the mind of intuition, vexation can still arise from the subconscious. A mind of intuition can be cultivated and strengthened with meditation. It is not enlightenment, but it is a good state of mind.

In all cases, however, whether you are cultivating mindfulness, compassion, intuition, or wisdom, you must practice. But, here you are, living in a fast-paced, schedule-filled world. How do you practice when there is not enough time to sit because of a hectic schedule or other obstacles?

During your busy day, try to find little bits of time to sit and relax and clear your mind. You don’t need to sit on a cushion, and you don’t have to practice for thirty minutes or an hour. Take three of five minutes here and there to sit: at you desk, in a car or bus or train. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Relax your body and mind. Breathe. Settle your mind. Let your mind and body refresh themselves

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