Upcoming Intensive Chan Retreats (Global Affiliates, America)


Lotus Sutra Repentance Retreat, 07/01-14, NY

During this intensive retreat, the teaching will focus on the “ Lotus Sutra” and the “ Lotus Samadhi Penitence Rituals. “ In addition, participants will engage in “ Lotus Sutra” recitation and “ Lotus Samadhi Penitence” practices, while integrating these practices with Chan Silent-Illumination Method. Through active contemplation and practice, participants will systematically deepen their understanding and enter the profound meanings of “ Lotus Sutra.” Fulltexts:Lotus Sutra Repentance Retreat in DDRC, NY Registration at DDRC
Silent Illumination

Huatou Intensive Retreat - 07/17-26, DDRC, NY

Huatou in Chinese, literally means "the origin of words," or that which precedes words and language. This refers to the state of the mind before the arising of conceptualization or, more precisely, before the arising of a single thought. Thus, huatou is the source of all words and of all thoughts, the fundamental nature of the mind.

But, it is also a method that we use to point directly at this mind while putting aside all other concerns. When we investigate huatou, we utilize questions such as: "What is my original face?" and "What is Wu?" These puzzling, seemingly illogical questions produce a deep sense of self-questioning which is called "the doubt sensation." If you can succeed in penetrating this doubt, you will discover that which you have always had. Fulltexts: Investigation Huatou Intensive Retreat in DDRC, NY Registration at DDRC

Family Chan Camp, 08/02-08/06,DDRC, NY

Harry Potter defeated all his enemies. Come find out how you can have no enemies!

Sponsored by Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Assosication
Camp Activities & Courses:

Leadership and communication skills development
The art of tea
Yoga and meditation
Nature Hikes
Arts and crafts
Camp talent show

Fulltexts: Family Chan in DDRC, NY and Registration at DDRC
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