Upcoming Intensive Chan Retreats ( America / Europe)


7-Day Intensive Chan Meditation Retreat, 11/23-30,

Time: Friday Nov 23 (6:30pm) – Friday Nov 30 (3pm)

Led by Guo Gu

An invitation to deepen your practice and discover your true nature. This intensive meditation retreat will include 40 minute sitting meditation periods punctuated by mindful yoga and walking meditation. There will be daily Dharma talks by Guo Gu, and opportunities for private interviews. Vegetarian meals will be provided.

Registration Deadline: Friday November 16th


Huatou Intensive Retreat, 11/24–12/2, DDRC, NY

Begins: Saturday, Nov 24

check in: 4-6 pm Ends: Sunday, Dec2 pm

Fee: $585

Openings: Available – Sign in to register

Deadline: Nov 21

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Hua Tou Chan
“Huatou” in Chinese, literally means “the origin of words,” or that which precedes words and language. This refers to the state of the mind before the arising of conceptualization or, more precisely, before the arising of a single thought. Thus, huatou is the source of all words and of all thoughts, the fundamental nature of the mind. But, it is also a method that we use to point directly at this mind while putting aside all other concerns.

When we investigate huatou, we utilize questions such as: “What is my original face?” and “What is Wu?” These puzzling, seemingly illogical questions produce a deep sense of self-questioning which is called “the doubt sensation.” If you can succeed in penetrating this doubt, you will discover that which you have always had. As a result you’ll find real peace and ease within yourself and together with others, generating wisdom and compassion. More

7-day Investigating Koans Retreat, 12/1-8, WCF, UK

7:00pm Saturday 1st December to
10:30am Saturday 8th December 2018
Leader: Simon Child
Venue: Maenllwyd Retreat Centre, Wales, UK

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The ancient Chinese Zen practices of investigating Huatou and Gongan (Koan) are best practised in a supportive environment such as this intensive silent retreat. As one becomes deeply absorbed in the practice, mental constructions drop away and one is confronted by a realisation that one does not know the nature of existence and one's fundamental assumptions of life are groundless. Staying with and cultivating this 'doubt', it can become all-consuming 'Great doubt' which may 'shatter', giving a direct insight into reality which may be what is known as an Enlightenment experience.

To progress in these methods requires a sustained focus and so this retreat is recommended particularly for those with previous experience of intensive retreat, and prior attendance at a Western Zen Retreat is advisable, but serious beginners are also accepted. More

5-day Anew Retreat, 12/28- 2019/1/1, Vancouver

The new year for brings an opportunity for renewal.
Embrace the first day of 2018 with a refreshing mind and body.
Please register in advance.

Registration Dates: 11/13 ~12/25 or fully booked

Registration: Registration

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