Upcoming Intensive Chan Retreats ( America)


Western Chan Retreat, 2018/10/5-10, NY

Time: October 5-10, 2018

Led by: Rebecca Li & Simon Child & Fiona Nuttall

Place: Dharma Drum Retreat Center, NY

Begins: Friday, October 5 – check in 4:00-6:00 pm

Ends: Wednesday, October 10 – 10:00 am

Fee: $350

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Thoroughly confronting this question can take us directly to the center of our being. Over the course of this five-day retreat you will investigate the question “Who am I?” within a standard retreat framework, using silent sitting meditation in conjunction with the communication exercise, a unique method of verbal inquiry. This format allows you to use words to go beyond words and thereby enter the main gate of Chan.

The intensive nature of this process of inquiry drives each practitioner into a self-presentation that is difficult to experience in other ways. To guide and support you, personal interviews with the teachers are offered regularly throughout the retreat. With whole-hearted engagement this retreat may lead to the acceptance of self, the experience of “self at ease,” and may even provide an opportunity for direct insight into the ground of being.

This retreat was developed by the Western Chan Fellowship (WCF) founded by the late Dr. John Crook, an English Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen. The retreat is designed for individuals who have received a Western education, and are currently led by Dr. Simon Child and the WCF faculty.

Openings: Registration opens in July
Deadline:October 2

NOTE: Because numerous private interviews are included in the design of this retreat, and the teachers want to ensure that each participant receives adequate attention, admission is limited, so please apply early. More information on western chan retreat...

5-Day Meditation Retreat, 10/24-28, Bay Area, SFO

We have been waiting for Chan Master Zarko Andricevic to lead a meditation retreat for years, and we are pleased to announce that the long wait is finally over! He will be here in late October to lead a 5-day retreat in Boulder Creek, at a peaceful camp surrounded by redwoods, with accommodation in rustic cabins. If you want to learn from an incredible teacher, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and transform yourself, this is IT! Don't miss out on this life-changing experience!

Chan meditation methods will be taught in the context of daily life activities, such as standing, walking, sleeping, working, eating and hiking, at teacher’s discretion. Chanting and gentle yoga exercises further harmonize the body and mind. The retreat also includes daily lectures, meditation instruction, guided meditation, and personal interviews.

Registration: 5 Day Meditation Retreat

Huatou Intensive Retreat, 11/24–12/2, 2018, DDRC,

Begins: Saturday, Nov 24
check in: 4-6 pm Ends: Sunday, Dec 2 2 pm
Fee: $585
Openings: Available – Sign in to register
Deadline: Nov 21

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Hua Tou Chan
“Huatou” in Chinese, literally means “the origin of words,” or that which precedes words and language. This refers to the state of the mind before the arising of conceptualization or, more precisely, before the arising of a single thought. Thus, huatou is the source of all words and of all thoughts, the fundamental nature of the mind. But, it is also a method that we use to point directly at this mind while putting aside all other concerns.

When we investigate huatou, we utilize questions such as: “What is my original face?” and “What is Wu?” These puzzling, seemingly illogical questions produce a deep sense of self-questioning which is called “the doubt sensation.” If you can succeed in penetrating this doubt, you will discover that which you have always had. As a result you’ll find real peace and ease within yourself and together with others, generating wisdom and compassion. More

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