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7-day Huatou Retreat

"Don't be concerned with whether or not you get enlightened,
just simply pick up the huatou."

Our respected founder and teacher, Chan Master Sheng Yen ("Shifu"), passed away in 2009.

Although he had been leading Chan retreats across the world for 30 years, many people regret that they did not get the chance to practice under his guidance. However, his precious teachings live on in our "Master Sheng Yen Retreat" where we utilize videos of his talks from past retreats. In this way, we hope to preserve and continue to share the Dharma Drum Lineage's Chan practice with the world, and give practitioners an opportunity to hear these teachings on intensive retreat, as spoken directly from the founder himself.

In addition to receiving instruction from Shifu's video lectures, you will also have guidance from an experienced Chan teacher who will lead the practice in the Chan Hall. Also, you will receive personal instruction through one-to-one interviews, where the teacher will ensure that you have a firm grasp of the concepts and methods of Chan.

Registration Starting Date:2/22; Due Date: 4/19


Friday, Apr 22, 2016 5:30 pm ~ Friday, Apr 29, 2016 10:00 am

8240 No.5 Road

Richmond, BC

Canada V6Y 2V4

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Venerable Guo Yuan

Venerable Guo Yuan

Venerable Guo Yuan is the head monk of the Chan Hall and the chief director of the Dharma Drum Mountain Meditation Center in Taiwan, providing guidance to people to practice Chan meditation. He started to practice with the renowned Chan Master Sheng Yen in New York in the 1980’s, joined his monastic sangha and later began to assist his teacher in many Chan retreats around the world. For many years, he was the abbot of The Chan Meditation Center and Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York. Currently he is very active in leading Silent Illumination retreat and Huatou retreat in Europe, North America, Mexico, Taiwan and other Asian countries. He teaches at Dharma Drum Sangha University and often engages in interfaith dialogues. He is also a popular speaker on Chan Buddhism.

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