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Dedicate your weekend to practice. On this retreat, you have the chance to engage in a relaxing schedule of mindful activity from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Harmonize your body and mind, by engaging in healthy living and Chan meditation--balancing all of the five aspects of diet, sleep, body, breath, and mind. Either in stillness or in motion, cultivate a clear and stable mind amidst all that you do. This is the very essence of Chan practice.

Settling into the weekend routine, you will experience greater relaxation of body and calmness of mind. Hear Dharma talks about meditation methods as well as basic principles of Buddhadharma and the unique approach of the Chan school. In this way, you'll be able to establish a solid foundation of understanding both methods and concepts of practice.
If you are interested in learning Chan meditation, DDRC welcomes you to attend our Beginner's Meditation Class. Here you'll learn the fundamentals of sitting meditation, including proper bodily posture (while sitting on the cushion or chair), relaxation, and basic methods of concentration. In addition, you'll learn about the proper environment, equipment, timing, as well as self-massage and important concepts related to the process of meditation. Explanations about various experiences and obstacles in meditation will also be given.
Openings: Available - register online

Deadline: August 12
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