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Registration Start Date: February 12, 2017

Registration Deadline: April 12, 2017


Saturday, Apr 15, 2017 5:30 pm ~ Saturday, Apr 22, 2017 10:00 am

Application Deadline: 2017-04-12

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8240 No.5 Road

Richmond, BC

Canada V6Y 2V4

Tel: 604-277-1357

Fax: 604-277-1352

Email: info@ddmba.ca

1-day retreat:2/26, 6/4

3-day retreat:3/24 ~ 3/26

Hiking Meditation:5/7

7-day Chan Retreat:4/15 - 4/22

Feb 26, 2017(Sunday)9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm,

Friday, Mar 24, 2017 2:00 pm ~ Sunday, Mar 26, 2017 4:00 pm,

Saturday, Apr 15, 2017 5:30 pm ~ Saturday, Apr 22, 2017 10:00 am,

May 7, 2017(Sunday)9:00 am ~ 3:00 pm,

Jun 4, 2017(Sunday)9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

8240 No.5 Road

Richmond, BC

Canada V6Y 2V4

Tel: 604-277-1357

Fax: 604-277-1352

Email: info@ddmba.ca
Huatou – the diamond sword that cuts off all attachments.

In this 7-day retreat the meditation method of “huatou” will be introduced. Using the investigating Huatou practice to provoke doubt sensation around life, birth and death, thus eradicating the shell of ignorance, klesa, uncovering the nature of mind.

A "Beginner's mind" is a mind open to experiencing life in the present moment, free from preconceived notions and expectations -- a mind open to genuine understanding and self-realization. If you are new to meditation practice, or have never participated in a retreat, this is an ideal way to begin your spiritual journey.

In addition to sessions of seated meditation, this retreat features interactive workshops, including:

The Art of Sitting

Quintessential instructions on seated meditation in the Chan tradition, also teaches various ways to massage the body. An opportunity for students to ask questions and difficulties relating to practice.

The Art of Walking

Teaches three forms of walking meditation methods: slow walking, fast walking, and natural walk. Very often we take walking for granted. But the art of walking can show us how to open up new possibilities in our experience of the world.

The Art of Questioning

Explores the fundamental question of who we are as human beings through an introduction to the Chan Gong'an (Japanese: Koan) method, which confronts the most fundamental questions of our existence. The quest for meaning is the drive behind all Buddhist practitioners. The format of this workshop is dialogue and discussion.
Beginner’s Meditation Class Take the first step toward creating calm and clarity in your life. Learning the fundamentals of sitting meditation, relaxation, methods of concentration and meditation in motion. Peace of mind is within your reach, even in the face of conflict and stress.

5/14, 5/21, 5/28 (3 lessons)
Sundays 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Registration in advance and full attendance is required.
Please submit your application form at the reception desk.

These classes are open to all general public.
1-Day Chan Retreat
Chan Meditation Center,90-56 Corona Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373
April 29 (Sat) 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
Fee: Free (Donation is welcome) Led by Ven. Chang Hwa

To celebrate the birth of Buddha Sakyamuni, CMC will hold the Chanting and Vesak (Bathing the Buddha) Ceremony and other more activities. We warmly welcome you to come to CMC with your family and friends and to join in the activities so that your life is enriched with Buddha’s compassion and wisdom.
Dedicate your weekend to practice. On this retreat, you have the chance to engage in a relaxing schedule of mindful activity from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Harmonize your body and mind, by engaging in healthy living and meditation — balancing all of the five aspects of diet, sleep, body, breath, and mind. Either in stillness or in motion, cultivate a clear and stable mind amidst all that you do. This is the very essence of practice.

Settling into the weekend routine, you will experience greater relaxation of body and calmness of mind. Hear Dharma talks about meditation methods as well as basic principles of Buddhadharma. In this way, you'll be able to establish a solid foundation of understanding both methods and concepts of practice.
January 29, 2017
Chinese New Year Special Dharma Talk
By Ven. Guo Yuan
11:00 am ~ 12:00 pm

Chinese New Year Dharma Gathering
12:00 pm ~ 3:00 pm

Venue: 8220 Queens Blvd. Elmhurst NY 11373 ( map )
March 25 (Sat) 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
Fee: Free (Donation is welcome) Led by Rikki Asher
Chan Meditation Center
90-56 Corona Avenue
Elmhurst, NY 11373
An opportunity for serious practitioners to sustain practice and receive guidance from meditation teachers. This retreat is open to people who have taken Beginners’ Meditation Class or already have an established meditation practice.
Please call CMC at 718-592-6593 or click https://docs.google.com/a/ddmf.org.tw/forms/d/e/
to register online.

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