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Introduction to Water and Land Dharma Service
Please come and join us at DDM Massachusetts Buddhist Association!

Date/Time: 11/11/2018 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Led by Gilbert Gutierrez, Chan Teacher & Dharma Heir to Master Sheng Yen
(Participants should have sufficient experience to sit for extended periods.)

【Date】11/09/2018 (Fri)- 11/11/2018 (Sun)

【Note】(Participants should have sufficient experience to sit for extended periods.)

【Registration】Register Online
Time: Friday Nov 23 (6:30pm) – Friday Nov 30 (3pm)
Led by Guo Gu

An invitation to deepen your practice and discover your true nature. This intensive meditation retreat will include 40 minute sitting meditation periods punctuated by mindful yoga and walking meditation. There will be daily Dharma talks by Guo Gu, and opportunities for private interviews. Vegetarian meals will be provided.

Registration Deadline: Friday November 16th

Time: 11/18, 2018, 9.00-17.00
Venue: Dharma Drum Vancouver Center

Led by Venerable Chang Wu

This will be another opportunity to deepen your practice following the guidance of a very experienced Chan Meditation teacher. Registration1
Begins: Saturday, Nov 24
check in: 4-6 pm Ends: Sunday, Dec 2 2 pm
Fee: $585
Openings: Available – Sign in to register
Deadline: Nov 21

Register Here

Time: 7:00pm Saturday 3rd November to 10:30am Saturday 10th November 2018

Leader: Fiona Nuttall

Venue: Maenllwyd Retreat Centre, Wales, UK

Register here

This 4-part Beginner’s Meditation Workshop is perhaps the most systematic and thorough introduction to the practice of Buddhist meditation available anywhere, benefiting practitioners of all levels.

It covers the prerequisite conditions when preparing for meditation, proper sitting postures, techniques for relaxation, and basic methods of concentration. Plus other supporting techniques to regulate the body, mind, and spirit such as self-massage, yoga exercises, and daily mindfulness techniques.

In this workshop you will not only learn sitting meditation but also breathing, walking, standing and sleeping meditation.
Zarko Andricevic
Dharma Heir of Chan Master Sheng Yen
Founder of the Buddhist Center in Zagreb, Croatia

Time: 10/30, Tue.
6:30 PM - 7:15 PM
Meet & Greet Reception

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Public Talk: Zen and Martial Arts

Fee: Free (Donations are appreciated)

Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco Bay Area Center
255 H Street, Fremont, CA 94536

Please be sure to register below for our hardworking volunteers to plan for your seat and light snacks accordingly.
Thank you.


Come before the talk to meet and greet with Zarko, our visiting teacher. Casual conversations and light snacks.

Zarko will talk about Chan (Chinese Zen) and Martial Arts, the contemplation of body and mind. He will also bring it home on applications of Chan in daily life.

Date: September 28-30, 2018

Led by Abbot Guo Yuan

Begins: Friday, Sept 28, check in 4-6 pm
Ends: Sunday, Sept 30, 4 pm
Fee: $220
Openings: Registration opens in June
Deadline: Sept 25

Led by Chang Xing Fashi
Check-in: 8:45 am Ends: 5:00 pm
Fee: $35
Openings: Available –
Register now

Give yourself a day for serious practice. Our intensive retreats follow the traditional Chan monastery retreat schedule, making the most efficient use of time in group practice.

Sitting periods are forty-minutes, and minimal instruction is given. Participants should arrive already knowing the basics techniques of meditation and be mentally and physically prepared for the demanding regimen.

Attending the Day of Stillness retreat the day before would be excellent preparation for attending this intensive retreat. If you attend both events you are welcome to stay over in our dormitory.

Most people find that attending these one-day retreats regularly can help renew the strength of their daily practice. The fee includes a vegetarian lunch.
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