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Led by : Chang Hu Fashi
Begins: Friday January 17, 2020
Check-in: 4:00 - 6:00 PM - late arrival not allowed
End Date: Sunday January 19, 2020
End Time: 4:00 PM
Deadline: no applications accepted after 1/13
Fee: $150
no bus for this event

Come and learn from an expert chef, using pure and original food to cook with the mind of meditation.

Along with cooking lessons, this workshop will include morning and evening meditation sessions, and Dharma talks.
Retreat Teacher: Gilbert Gutierrez

Date: Dec. 7th to Dec. 14th, 2019
Venue: Chan Hall, Dharma Drum Mountain, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Language: English with Chinese translation
Requirements: Experience of seven-day retreat both with DDM and other traditions.
Already establishing daily personal practice and willing to really devote oneself during the retreat.
Fee: Free, your donation to Dharma Drum Mountain will be most appreciated.

Registration Deadline: Oct. 31, 2019
Registration: HERE

Contact: img.ddm@gmail.com

Led by: Guo Gu

Seats are limited and registration is required,

Date & Time
Check-in: 12/7 (Saturday) 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Check-out: 12/14 (Saturday) 1:00 pm

2440 Pleasantdale Rd, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30340

Please REGISTER HERE, or call Ricky at (678) 521-5483.

Limited to the first 50 people who register

This event is 100% free, but donations will be greatly appreciated!

Retreat Information on Lodging, Food, and proper Etiquette:
For a comprehensive list of information about what to expect on retreat, please view the Reminder

09:30am~12:30pm class I
12:30pm~01:30pm Lunch break
01:30pm~04:30pm class II

Led by: Mrs. Wen, Shing-I


"Zen tangle and Chan" is a meditation mentality, created with repeated basic graphics. One may experience the harmony and perfection from inner self in the process of concentration and relaxation. "Zen tangle and Chan" is different from the tradition methods, emphasizing on the mind and body are in the meditative state. Participants are expected in whole hearted awareness, feeling all sensations during the tip of the pen drawing on the paper. This is functioning in the same way, observing breathes during sitting meditation. By means of different arrangements and various pictures to enhance mindfulness and interests in meditation.

*Fees: US$35 (Includes work kit: 5 paper bricks, technical pen, a pencil, a paper wiper, a method sheet)

*Remarks: Participants need to bring one 2B pencil.
This 4-part Beginner’s Meditation Workshop is perhaps the most systematic and thorough introduction to the practice of Buddhist meditation available anywhere, benefiting practitioners of all levels.

It covers the prerequisite conditions when preparing for meditation, proper sitting postures, techniques for relaxation, and basic methods of concentration. Plus other supporting techniques to regulate the body, mind, and spirit such as self-massage, yoga exercises, and daily mindfulness techniques.

In this workshop you will not only learn sitting meditation but also breathing, walking, standing and sleeping meditation.

Fees collected are meant to cover only the variable costs of running each class, however the Centre still appreciate your support for the substantial fixed costs, such as rent, strata fees, property taxes, and insurances. Your generosity and compassion allows the teachings to be accessible to more people in the community.
Date: 11/29-12/2
Led by Guo Gu

Registration: HERE
Relax, Focus, and Reduce Stress

A systematic and comprehensive introduction to the practice of meditation. Practitioners of all levels can benefit from this three-part course. Students learn the conditions, methods, postures, self-massage, and stages of practice, as well as other supporting techniques to regulate the body, mind, and spirit.

$70 suggested donation for this three-part course
October 5, 12, 19 from 6:30-9:00 pm.
Led by: DDRC Monastics
Level: Beginner
Fee: $190
bus not confirmed

Friday November 22, 2019 Check-in: 4:00 - 6:00 PM - late arrival not allowed
End Date:
Sunday November 24, 2019
End Time:
4:00 PM
no applications accepted after November 19
Registration HERE

Although the methods of meditation are simple and straightforward, it is best to practice them under the guidance of a teacher. Without a teacher, a meditator will not be able to correct beginner’s mistakes, which if uncorrected, could lead to problems or lack of useful results.

In our weekend meditation class, you will learn the fundamentals of sitting meditation, including proper bodily posture (sitting on a cushion or a chair), relaxation, and basic methods of concentration. In addition, you’ll learn about the proper environment, equipment, and timing, as well as self-massage and important concepts related to the process of meditation.
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