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09:30am~12:30pm class I
12:30pm~01:30pm Lunch break
01:30pm~04:30pm class II

Led by: Mrs. Wen, Shing-I


"Zen tangle and Chan" is a meditation mentality, created with repeated basic graphics. One may experience the harmony and perfection from inner self in the process of concentration and relaxation. "Zen tangle and Chan" is different from the tradition methods, emphasizing on the mind and body are in the meditative state. Participants are expected in whole hearted awareness, feeling all sensations during the tip of the pen drawing on the paper. This is functioning in the same way, observing breathes during sitting meditation. By means of different arrangements and various pictures to enhance mindfulness and interests in meditation.

*Fees: US$35 (Includes work kit: 5 paper bricks, technical pen, a pencil, a paper wiper, a method sheet)

*Remarks: Participants need to bring one 2B pencil.
Relax, Focus, and Reduce Stress

A systematic and comprehensive introduction to the practice of meditation. Practitioners of all levels can benefit from this three-part course. Students learn the conditions, methods, postures, self-massage, and stages of practice, as well as other supporting techniques to regulate the body, mind, and spirit.

$70 suggested donation for this three-part course
October 5, 12, 19 from 6:30-9:00 pm.
Date: October 26 Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM at CMC
Led by Ven. Chang Zhai

Who am I? It's a question that we ask ourselves a lot as we grow up - but it seems the older we get, the more confused we become, despite the urgency of our search. But is there even such a thing as an “I” to begin with? The Buddhist teachings tell us that we are not who we think we are. So who are we really? Let the Huatou answers you this question.

Please call us at +1 718-592-6593 or Registration HERE
Date: 2019/10/11- 10/16
Venue: Dharma Drum Retreat Center, NY
Led by Simon Child & Rebecca Li & Fiona Nuttall
Fee: US 375
Registration: HERE
In gratitude to all Dharma friends who have supported Dharma Drum Retreat Center during these past years, we invite all volunteers and friends to join our Mid-Autumn Celebration.
Proposed Activities:

* Vegetarian BBQ and Making Moon Cake
* Tea Meditation
* Bonfire (depending on weather condition )/ Movie
* Fundamental Meditation Class
* Gong Sound Meditation
Based on attendance, detailed schedule will be sent though email.
Date: 2019/9/21 Saturday 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Led by Dr. Rikki Asher

New to meditation? This workshop is based on Buddhist meditation, including instruction on methods of sitting, breathing, walking, standing, sleeping, yoga exercises, self-massage, theories and obstacles in meditation. Pre-registration is required. Free of Charge! Donation is welcome.

Please call us at 718-592-6593 or Registration HERE
Date: Thursday Aug. 29 (6pm) – Monday Sept. 2 (3pm)
Led by Guo Gu
Registration Deadline: August 22nd
Registration: HERE
Suggested donation: $350

Donations are welcome in volunteer work as well, please contact us for more info.
Please review our retreat etiquette here.

Tallahassee Chan Center
1310 North Paul Russell Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
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