Form I : Waist Rotation with Swinging Arms

1. Relax your body and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, both arms hanging naturally at your sides.

2. Swing your arms naturally to the left and right, turning from the waist. Your feet should remain stationary.

3. As your arms swing, follow through by patting your left shoulder with your right hand and your lower back with your left hand. Reverse this action as you turn and perform repeatedly.

4. Be aware of your hands patting your shoulders and back.

5. Be aware of how the movement of your waist causes your arms to swing.

6. Be aware of the movement of the whole body.

7. Be aware of your arms and waist becoming more relaxed.

8. Be aware of your whole body becoming more relaxed.

9. Enjoy the sensation of relaxation throughout your whole body.

10. Join palms upon completion of this form.

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