Dharma Drum Mountain is a locomotive that leads the societal ethos and pioneers new concepts, committed to propagating its common ethos that answers humanity's needs. This common ethos includes our vision, spirit, direction, and approach.

The vision of Dharma Drum Mountain is to construct an international Buddhist educational complex. Ultimately, it aims to gradually expand into a global network that promotes the Dharma, Chan practice, cultural and educational work, and caring services.

Taking spiritual guidance from the Sangha, our entire organization is committed to transmitting orthodox Buddhist teachings and our ideals. The activities promoted by our various agencies fall under the Three Types of Education, namely Education through Academics, Caring Service, and Public Outreach. They are conducted simultaneously by our staff and volunteers.

Education through Academics focuses on cultivating professionals; Education through Caring Service centers on charity work for the public; and to meet a diversity of needs, a variety of societies and promotion centers have been founded to further Education through Public Outreach. In addition, our publishing house and local branches hold regular activities of all kinds, working to promote Buddhist ideals and provide relevant information service.

Dharma Drum Mountain has always stressed professional management. Our transparent financial system ensures that all resources are used in precisely the right way. And this is why we have gained the trust, support, and participation of both monastics and laity to grow into the international organization we are today.

Our Vision: To Uplift the Character of Humanity and Build a Pure Land on Earth

Dharma Drum Mountain strongly believes that to uplift humanity's character, including moral integrity. The one must start by correcting one's own views and behavior. When everyone's character is raised, this world will naturally become a pure land.

Our Spirit: To Give of Ourselves for the Benefit of All

If we all think only of fulfilling ourselves and do not want to contribute anything, unrestrained selfish competition will plunge society into disorder. If we can give of ourselves for the self-fulfillment of others, then everyone will benefit, as we ourselves will also grow in wisdom and blessings.

Our Direction: To Return to the Original Intention of the Buddha and Work for the Purification of the World

Imitating the Buddha's kindness and compassion, we hope that everyone can start with themselves to study the Dharma, propagate the Dharma, and uphold the Three Jewels, so as to purify society, the mind, and the world.

Our Approach: To Promote Comprehensive Education and Extend Loving Care to All

Only by providing education and cultivating talent of all types in a systematic, comprehensive manner can we attract people to Buddhism as it is understood correctly. Education and loving care are two sides of the same coin: loving care is the function of education.

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